Business Case


About the company

Trecone is a mobile crowdsourcing data company that provides its clients with mobile market data intelligence. The company's business model is based on gathering and sharing information about trends and mobile apps usage to help organizations make more informed and strategic decisions.

Trecone's platform turns the data collected from crowdsourced apps into clear insights. It combines its access to data from millions of representative users from all over the world with its powerful Big Data solution that allows the company to clean, structure, and analyze the data. It then packages the insights to clients on its visualization platform or through customized reports.




The challenge

Trecone was already using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide its clients with established Big Data products. However, as both the number of clients and their demands began to increase, so did AWS's use. The company needed to continue to attend to its clients quickly, efficiently, and consistently, all with the same infrastructure and without sacrificing customer service. If any of these pieces were compromised, it would have had significant implications on the processing and delivery of information to clients, who needed the intelligence to make timely decisions.

The solution

Sngular came on board and offered Trecone a vision and process for optimizing the use of AWS. It based its strategy on best practices of the AWS Architected Framework, which was used to generate service metrics. These service metrics were then used as a base upon which to define elements of the existing architecture that could be optimized without sacrificing the service standards Trecone had promised to its clients. The dimensions of the services were also correctly defined, and the weak spots were identified.

The results

Through this process of optimization, the AWS costs were reduced, and Trecone could take on new clients without sacrificing response time or customer service. In the end, clear benefits were obtained for both the company and its clients.