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RPA automation

Vítaly, a prominent leader in health and safety services, has achieved remarkable success by automating over 17 processes with RPA technology.


How Vítaly enters the world of automation with RPA

With a strong track record in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Vítaly embarked on its journey towards operational efficiency by implementing this technology in the Customer Service department. Previously, manual contract review was slow and error-prone, leading to the adoption of RPA. The results were impressive, with a 60% reduction in response times and a significant decrease in errors. This success propelled Vítaly to progressively expand automation to more departments, enhancing not only operational efficiency and customer experience but also boosting employee satisfaction by freeing them from repetitive and tedious tasks.

More than seventeen processes automated with RPA in key areas of Vítaly

Currently, Vítaly operates seventeen processes autonomously through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and is in the process of developing new projects with a cross-functional approach spanning all areas of the company. Each department has at least one dedicated robot, optimizing efficiency and productivity across the organization.

Success Story

The process automation manager

The Process Automation Manager is a key figure in the digital transformation of companies to enhance operational efficiency. Their role in process optimization makes them a highly sought-after profile in today's businesses and will become one of the most in-demand professions in the coming years.

Maria Eugenia Álvarez Vivas, project manager at Vítaly, plays a crucial role in coordinating all automation initiatives. Her approach includes internal audits, functional design, KPI definition, and implementation management, maintaining constant communication between departments and the SNGULAR team.

The benefits of large-scale automation

As the number of automated processes in a company increases, the performance of robots is maximized, as seen in the case of Vítaly, where three RPA robots operate continuously, efficiently managing seventeen automated processes. Furthermore, the accumulated experience streamlines the initiation of new projects, applying lessons learned and best practices for faster and more efficient implementation, facilitating the expansion and automation of other areas of the company.

RPA is the path to business efficiency

Process automation with RPA proves to be an essential strategy, surpassing the perception that it is only viable for large companies. In the case of Vítaly, the adoption of automation has transformed its operations and organizational culture, yielding significant benefits across various areas. RPA technology has enabled Vítaly's teams to be more agile and focus on strategic tasks.

RPA technology revolutionizes Vítaly, enhancing the profitability of its processes

RPA technology revolutionizes Vítaly, enhancing the profitability of its processes

RPA automation boosts VÍTALY's profitability by 200%

In a transformative milestone, Vítaly celebrates the impressive outcomes of its foray into RPA automation. Notable examples include automation in the Health Surveillance Department, where a robot processes nearly 3,000 medical analyses daily, achieving a return on investment exceeding 200% after two years. In the Technical Department, the automation of continuous audits, involving approximately 600 monthly audits, aims to achieve a 350% return over two years, showcasing the economic and operational benefits of RPA adoption at Vítaly.

This unprecedented efficiency has not only positively impacted Vítaly's operational costs but has also positioned the company as a leader in the successful adoption of RPA technology in its industry. Vítaly's commitment to innovation and efficiency is clearly reflected in these achievements, marking a significant milestone in its ongoing pursuit of operational excellence.

María Eugenia Álvarez Vivas

Project Manager at Vítaly

The process automation with RPA has significantly eased our workload, eliminating bottlenecks and common errors. This improvement in productivity and error reduction has provided us with a clear competitive advantage in the market.

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