Why Unconventional CPS Had to Be Created

Why Unconventional CPS Had to Be Created

Javier González Recuenco, CSO & Founder Singular Solving

Javier González Recuenco

CSO & Founder Singular Solving

April 11, 2024

How did the idea for Unconventional CPS come about and what does it bring to the market?

For some time now, both companies have been gravitating towards a fundamental idea: it's essential to find the right reasons to collaborate with individuals you admire intellectually and personally.

SNGULAR wanted to delve into the CPS landscape and its potential intersection with technology professional services.

Meanwhile, Singular Solving recognized the crucial role of execution in their strategy. The company saw there was a clear need for a partnership with a company adept at execution, especially in the realm of cutting-edge technology, both domestically and globally.

In fact, we spent some time exploring various alternative scenarios with other professionals and friends. However, for various reasons (timing, better strategic fit, difficulty of implementation...), they didn’t pan out.

Furthermore, the emergence of AI acted as a catalyst for something that has been simmering for a long time: the transformation and reconversion of technology-focused professional services firms.

For those less inclined to discuss the thesis on the fundamental problem of Professional Services in a post-AI era,  the premise begins with a series of heavy tasks related to information capture, processing, presentation… tasks that were highly dependent on human expertise and are now poised to undergo significant transformation to the advento of Generative Artificial Intelligence.

As a result, the team that has been working in skunkworks mode for months has been assembled and introduced. Moving forward, backward, and generally attempting to dispel the fog surrounding the unknown. We have some intuitions, but there’s no one to truly emulate. It is all part of the job, but it's still a challenge.

Unconventional CPS offers a service that's not part of either company's current portfolio and occupies a unique space. It's both thrilling and challenging because carving out a new niche in people's minds is no small feat.

Needless to say, it's not a simple matter. I've spent 180 threads laying the groundwork for a complex metadiscipline,  only to  provide a brief overview here. However, if we've truly internalized the discipline, we should be able to give it a try.

Let's use Sinek's Golden Circle to attempt to encapsulate an approach to explaining what we want to do and why we're announcing this alliance:

  • WHY: With increasing uncertainty, complexity, and the need to solve complex problems, there's a growing integration of the CPS meta toolkit and technology to activate it.

  • HOW: By assembling transdisciplinary teams from two reputable companies with expertise in CPS and significant technological advancements. We approach challenges that seem insurmountable from a brutally honest perspective. We can't compete in terms of sugar-coating, but we excel in providing honest feedback. Furthermore, we recognize that this may limits our market, but we're targeting specific groups.

  • WHAT: By formulating hypotheses and maximizing the likelihood of their success to address complex business challenges with a strong technological component. We're tackling issues that pose existential threats to companies. Recently, we've seen companies with a solid technological foundation, such as Volava or Novarama (led by commendably honest CEOs), paying the price for strategic mistakes.

If we wanted to, we could add one final topic: the WHO. At first glance, we've identified several potential targets with distinct agendas:

  • CTOs seeking support in proposing game-changing ideas to their boards that may extend beyond their initial scope, but where technology is expected to play a crucial role.

  • CEOs/CFOs grappling with significant business challenges that suggest or are already experiencing incoming technological disruptions. They prefer an approach focused on problems rather than technology.

  • Owners of companies in transition. These could include family businesses, technology infrastructure companies, businesses with uncertain futures…

  • Funds and Private Equity firms with technology-focused companies facing critical situations in their portfolios or specializing in managing transitions as mentioned above.

The core idea is to tackle seemingly impossible challenges and extremely complex situations due to the nature of the issues or the implications of its approach. These are presented in the form of hypotheses, with the option to see them through or shelve them if the timing isn't right, with an extreme capacity for execution throughout the solution's lifecycle.

The rationale behind the emergence of Unconventional CPS is the natural application of CPS to a sector in restructuring, such as Professional Technology Services.

The DNA of both companies shares an unconventional,* trailblazing* spirit, the road less traveled, reminiscent of Orellana and the starving Extremaduran venturing up the Amazon. It was inevitable that we'd join forces

This endeavor comes with its risks, quirks, cognitive flexibility, improvisation, uncertainty, and the ability to adapt to turbulent times.

Technology, particularly the CTO, holds an uniquely privileged position in understanding the company's past (legacy), present state, and the signals indicating the future. This capability must be connected upstream with the ability to steer decision-makers. We need to shift their role from infrastructure providers to watchdogs and collaborators in shaping the strategic direction to transform companies.

Digital transformation isn't enough if it doesn't change the ship's course. We've focused on digitization and neglected transformation.

Unconventional CPS was born because Singular Solving and SNGULAR have come together to help our clients be in the war room, on the bridge, in the room where it all happens.

We excel when the going gets tough, and it's time to get down to work.

When it's time to take decisive action.

When things get complex or have been stuck for years.

When the mess needs to be cleaned up.

When no one knows what to do.

Javier González Recuenco, CSO & Founder Singular Solving

Javier González Recuenco

CSO & Founder Singular Solving

CSO & Founder Singular Solving. Complex Problem Solver. Personetics. Mature business turnarounds. Advanced demand generation. Strategist, in a nutshell. MENSA. Author.