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OYSHO Training

Personalized training app

OYSHO and SNGULAR partner to launch OYSHO. Training, the personalized workout application that enables users to practice their favorite sports anywhere.


Why design a training app?

OYSHO Training is developed in response to the growing connection of users with the brand in the sports sector, reflecting the evolution of its recognition in this industry. The initiative arose during the pandemic with the aim of facilitating the autonomous practice of customers' favorite sports: fitness, yoga, and running. The app not only provides workouts but also serves as a powerful channel to establish a connection, integrating the sports experience with fashion. Thus, OYSHO achieves a more effective approach to its users by gaining a deeper understanding of their needs, habits, and preferences.

Human Centered Design

SNGULAR proposed adopting the Human Centered Design approach for the development of OYSHO Training, a philosophy that places people at the center of the design of digital products and services. This approach ensures that every decision made during the design process carefully considers the needs, obstacles, and potential biases of users. HCD encourages conceiving solutions that are not only visually appealing but also seamlessly integrate into people's lives, addressing real problems and contributing to their well-being.

Success Story

Designed with a purpose

From the conception of the initial architecture to the launch, the design of OYSHO Training has been a continuous process of iteration and constant improvement, aligning insights from the research team with business strategy and technological possibilities.

During the design and prototyping phase, extensive testing was conducted with users and stakeholders to assess utility and user-friendliness. Adjusting the design based on this feedback was crucial to ensure that OYSHO Training fully met the expectations and needs of the users.

Continuous adaptation to users and the market

In design projects like OYSHO Training, it is crucial to anticipate and adapt to the changing dynamics of users and the market. Therefore, SNGULAR emphasizes the need to approach design with a scalable perspective from the initial stages. This approach has facilitated the incorporation of new sports disciplines, such as kickboxing or dance, which directly impact the user experience, demonstrating the flexibility and adaptability of the design to meet their constantly evolving needs.

Innovative features of OYSHO Training

OYSHO Training features a diverse library with over 450 session videos, supported by a recommendation engine based on training history. The Gym Train section offers reel-format videos with the option to filter by content type. The platform provides detailed statistics and an activity calendar, allowing users to record biometric data through smartwatches. It is compatible with various devices, including Airplay and Chromecast, and integrates with Spotify for a more immersive exercise experience.

Who is part of the design of OYSHO Training?

Who is part of the design of OYSHO Training?

OYSHO Training: a success that speaks for itself

OYSHO Training, available in four languages and present in nine countries, has surpassed 100,000 downloads and has accumulated over 2,000 reviews with an outstanding rating of 4.8 on Apple Store and Google Play. Beyond its quantitative success, the app represents OYSHO's successful evolution in the activewear market, highlighting its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. The application not only provides an essential tool for physical well-being but also sets a standard in the industry by incorporating advanced technological features, solidifying OYSHO as a leader in the sector. This success story demonstrates the effectiveness of the strategic collaboration between OYSHO and SNGULAR, establishing a standard of excellence and leadership in the ever-changing landscape of digital wellness and activewear.

Jorge Vicente

Digital DesignOps at OYSHO

Currently, the presence of sportswear in OYSHO is so evident to our customers that we can assert the brand has solidified its position and demonstrated its value in the activewear market. When asking a customer about the type of products offered by OYSHO, sportswear is mentioned as one of the brand's key products today

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