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Jurassic Sea

An evolving and astonishing experience!

Taking the magic of the Jurassic and other prehistoric eras to a new level.


A journey of 4.5 billion years...

Dinópolis is a journey through time that combines scientific rigor with a playful component, captivating all types of audiences. Imagine observing the underwater flora and fauna of Cambrian, Paleozoic and Jurassic worlds in all their splendor!

SNGULAR is proud to have been part of ACCIONA Cultura's project for the expansion of the Dinópolis Theme Park in Teruel (Spain), taking the magic of the Jurassic and other prehistoric eras to a new level.

Success Story

A dive into the wildest depths

Studios team of SNGULAR created large-scale interactive installations that transform into enormous fish tanks. The productions recreate aquatic environment habitats of marine reptiles from the Cambrian to the Jurassic period, where the animals move and interact with each other, controlled by artificial intelligence. These challenging exhibits included 13 immersive interactives in real time, interactive flooring, interactive scenarios with the use of a Kinect camera for movement detection, dioramas 2.5D installations and highly realistic 3D modeling and animation.

Leisure and culture come together in the largest paleontological park in Europe

Our team fused technology and creativity to provide an unparalleled immersion in the age of dinosaurs. We are thrilled to have been a part of this exciting expansion at Dinópolis Theme Park! And also, among the international projects that we afford, we are always happy to work in Spain, at home!

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