Sngular connects with the MIT community

Sngular connects with the MIT community

Sngular helps ease your partner into the city with the MIT Spouses & Partners Connect program

As part of our partnership with MIT, Sngular offers exclusive access to the MIT Spouses & Partners Connect program in Boston, which helps the significant others of our newly arrived team members connect with the community and settle into their new homes. 

At Sngular, we do whatever we can to support our employees to work in different locations. We find that it is often an enriching experience, both personally and professionally. 

But we also know that this kind of movement isn’t always just about one person. A relocation like this can have a huge impact on partners and families of our teams. 

Partners, who may arrive without a job, social life, or even the ability to speak the local language, can often find the transition especially difficult.

MIT, which attracts some of the brightest minds from all over the world, has understood this issue and been considering how to best help the broader MIT community for decades.

In 1972, the first support group was created for wives, and it’s now evolved into a vibrant group that connects and helps integrate all types of significant others related to MIT into the local community.

Partners of students, faculty, and partner companies like Sngular can join the program and benefit from a wide array of group activities like workshops, meetings, outings, and language support. 

Program Manager Jennifer Recklet Tassi describes it as a “personal, social and professional network” for spouses and partners of the MIT community. It helps newcomers with everything from the most mundane tasks to forging important connections with others. 

“We are going to provide you with information about the best grocery store to go to, take you across the river to Boston to explore and offer you a ton of opportunities to use your English,” says Jennifer, who also meets with new members on an individual basis to give them specific advice.  

For families with children, there is a peer-led parent group, and all weekly meetings include free child care. 

“They made me feel really comfortable at the beginning when I didn’t know anyone in Boston. In the program, I made quite a few friends and learned a lot about different cultures,” said Raquel Araujo, Sngular’s New England Regional Manager, who participated in the program when she first arrived in the city.

“They also connected me with other groups that were incredibly useful and provided tips about job hunting in the USA, something that is not easy if you don’t know how to go about it,” she added.

Sngular partners can also sign up for the S&P Connect program for further networking opportunities in Boston. 

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, MIT continues to offer its program in a virtual environment.



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