A summer to remember

A summer to remember

Summer is almost over, but we took the time to celebrate with our teams their hard work and dedication with days full of fun, laugh, and team-building activities. Here is how we have celebrated summer around the world.


The Spanish event was held in Madrid at Quinta La Muñoza, bringing together sngulares from Seville, Córdoba, Cáceres, Badajoz, Barcelona, and Oviedo. In addition to enjoying the reunion with colleagues from different locations, our teams tasted a fantastic catering and competed in fun team building activities followed with a Hawaiian theme party. It was a unique moment to strengthen ties and get to know and interact with each other.

"The objective of this type of events is not only to share time with the colleagues but to promote a good working environment where relationships of trust and cooperation can be developed. In the end, this has a direct and positive impact on the performance of our teams." Elena Yepes, Chief People Officer in Sngular.


Our Mexico's team celebrated the arrival of summer with their particular Sngular Summer. The team went on a Go-kart race, the perfect opportunity to have fun and reinforce ties with the rest of their teammates.

"We are generating a space where, no matter what project or area we are in, we all participate and cooperate to achieve the same goal. Teamwork leads to great results. We are aiming to create a space where it reinforces the union of the team while enjoying and having fun". Gabriela Bárcenas, Head of Talent in Mexico.


Our USA team hosted a summer event in each city with a team-building event on Fridays and a family barbecue on Saturdays. This year, team-building events were held at Dave & Buster, a video arcade, where teams competed for the best team in a fun gymkhana. 

These events were an excellent opportunity to bring together team members and families from other locations, share traditional dishes from other countries, have fun and unite them more as a team.

"On one hand, we are usually distributed in different teams that do not collaborate, despite working with the same client. On the other hand, someone from one city rarely interacts with someone from another. With these exchanges, we manage to unite people between the different cities". Daniel González, Regional Manager

Hold on to the final days of summer with this video of all Sngular's summer events:

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