We’ve updated our brand to reflect what we are today

We’ve updated our brand to reflect what we are today


Over the past five years, we’ve been evolving as a company to respond with agility to the challenges posed by an increasingly complex and exciting environment of clients, projects, talents, partners and opportunities. 

An environment that no longer responds to the usual stimuli and guidelines. In it, we find challenges that are more complex, diverse and rapidly changing than ever before. 

Of all the challenges, perhaps the biggest one is for companies, people and projects to remain unique. Too often, we find that the only way to provide the speed that the market demands is through standardization. This is a boon to the companies that provide those solutions, but wipes out the competitive advantage of whoever integrates them into their strategy. 

Toni Segarra

To reflect on the brand, on what we promise as a brand, we asked Toni Segarra and his team for help. Toni is a legendary Spanish publicist who has been behind some of the most memorable ad campaigns for brands like IKEA and BMW. As soon as he met us, he identified three crucial points like only someone who is deeply creative and spontaneous can do. This is the crux of what he said: 

you are unique
  • The complexity of what you do, this mix of talent and organizational models, teams, services, flexibility, technology, connection with the community and so on, what could be considered a bit of a mess, is what makes you different. And it makes a lot of sense in the current context.
  • I think you’re an organism, not an organization. It reminds me of what Agustín Fernández Mallo wrote:

“The words organization and organism don’t have much to do with each other. An organism is a being, whether mineral, animal, plant or socio-cultural, which lives and develops on its own. It follows its own rules, which are almost always spontaneous, complex and internal. In any case, it can be considered a living being. An organization is a bureaucratic entity, whether mineral, animal, plant or socio-cultural, which depends on others to dictate its development from the outside. Under no circumstance can it be considered a living being.

  • You should never abandon your way of communicating that is clearly marked by respect, closeness and the empathy you’d offer a friend. 

The conclusion 

To face these challenges and opportunities in such a fast-moving environment, we needed a new structure. An agile, self-organizing structure based on talent and rules that come from internal impulses. 

This new structure, that we identify with the aspiration of acting more like an organism than an organization, is what allows SNGULAR to offer adapted, not standardized, solutions. Solutions so you can keep being yourself. 

We are a unique talent organism facing new global challenges.

To reflect this new environmental reality and the personalized and agile responses SNGULAR offers, we realized we had to rethink the brand, update every aspect of it, including visuals, architecture and messaging.


Visually, we wanted to place more emphasis on the concept that defines us, highlighting that SNGULAR is more than just a name, but instead a declaration of intent that reflects the types of projects, people and relationships we develop. 


But also that this talent, which is the basis of our connection and response to the environment, always learns, develops and works as a team. At least that’s how we do it at SNGULAR. 

So when we approach the brand architecture, with the goal of representing this organism, this mess, we put the Teams in charge and decided to tell our story through their eyes. We focused on sharing what they bring to the table, how they do what they do and what they've learned and proven through their work. 

  • Scalable platforms
  • Cloud adoption
  • Data & AI
  • Design
  • MK Transformation
  • Agile at scale
  • Studios
  • Hyperautomation
  • Talent
  • Teamlabs
  • Media 
  • Ventures
  • Exevi

They represent where we are in terms of people and technology. We will introduce you to some of these teams in the coming weeks. Most of them have already been showcased on our website and others even have their own websites so they can be in direct contact with their communities of clients, talent and partners. 


But these teams are also gaining knowledge and experience while generating impact in a range of sectors. That’s why you’ll also see different industries like Retail, Energy, Telecommunication, or Financial Services reflected in our brand. Here, we’ll share both the experience that we’ve gained through our clients’ trust and our analysis of the sectors’ main challenges and opportunities.

On the website, you’ll see that our homepage only reflects what we’re working on, what’s happening or what we’re thinking about. From there, you can intuitively find our solutions, capabilities and answers that our Teams offer and relevant sector-specific information.

We hope that this evolution that we’re presenting reflects what we do and what we are. We provide the answers to your concern about how to hold on to that which makes you, as a person or as a company, unique. 

We combine talent and technology to solve challenges that are yet to come.

We are a living organism that responds with agility to the opportunities arising in every industry, business, career and society.

If we’re like this at SNGULAR, it’s only because we know… 

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