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CRM Redesign and Enhancement of Collaborative Selling

Mediapost promotes cross-selling through a new commercial strategy supported by Dynamics 365


From collaborative selling to cross-functional services

Mediapost's sales representatives are facing the challenge of selling more substitute products from other lines of business. At SNGULAR, we assist Mediapost in redefining their entire commercial strategy with the aim of driving a collaborative sales system. This change has involved redesigning the configuration of their CRM Dynamics 365 for Sales to centralize all company product and customer information and facilitate access to it for all sales representatives.

Success Story

Redesign of the CRM Dynamics 365 for Sales

After defining the sales process, we analyzed all the possibilities offered by Dynamics 365 for Sales and redesigned the tool by implementing the new operational procedures, greatly facilitating the sales team's work. In addition to centralizing all the information in a single environment, we developed some automations to streamline tasks from the CRM and significantly improve productivity. We also created dashboards with automated indicators so that managers and agents can monitor performance in real time and generate reports.

Harnessing technology to serve people

The premise of this project is that technology should enhance efficiency without creating unnecessary complications. Successfully implementing a CRM or redefining the existing one involves balancing technological power with practical utility. Before making operational changes, we carefully consider how technology would impact employees' daily experience. In this way, we align the tool with the defined strategy from the outset to add value to everyday tasks and facilitate the work of sales representatives.

Toward international expansion

The new sales approach offers Mediapost a fresh commercial flow based on its objectives and leveraging the possibilities of Dynamics 365 to automate processes and facilitate access to all information. Thanks to this, the company sees this new commercial paradigm as a gateway to expand into new international markets, marking the relocation of the new operation to its offices in Colombia and Mexico as the next milestone.

How Mediapost achieves optimization of Dynamics 365 within its commercial operations

To facilitate the adoption of the changes implemented in Dynamics 365 and the new commercial operations, Mediapost decided to actively involve the entire team from the beginning of this project, minimizing resistance to change and ensuring greater acceptance of the proposed modifications. They designated the Marketing department as the project leader to efficiently coordinate between teams and ensure a comprehensive solution. They organized internal training sessions tailored to each area of work to encourage the adoption of cultural change. Additionally, they conducted continuous evaluations and made adjustments in weekly meetings to achieve commercial objectives.

Antonio Tena Blázquez

Director of New Business Development in LATAM at Mediapost

Initially, sales representatives applied a collaborative selling system, referring the contact to another specialist when interest arose in a product from another area. However, the new commercial structure oriented towards a cross-functional and cross-selling model allows sales representatives to access all information about the company's products and services, directly providing a more comprehensive offer to meet the needs of their client.

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