Mediapost enhances cross-selling with Dynamics 365

Mediapost enhances cross-selling with Dynamics 365

Eva Rodríguez Vidal, Marketing Manager at SNGULAR

Eva Rodríguez Vidal

Marketing Manager at SNGULAR

February 13, 2024

Mediapost grows its sales with CRM Dynamics 365 by fostering cross-selling

Mediapost Group is the subsidiary of the prestigious French group La Poste. With a presence in Spain, France, Portugal, Romania, and Bulgaria, it stands out as an innovative company specializing in relational marketing services, whose mission is to boost sales and business performance for brands and companies.

In the Spanish market, Mediapost positions itself as a relevant player in relational marketing solutions, with a workforce of over 300 employees. Additionally, it serves as a link to its offices in Colombia and Mexico, extending its services to the Latin American market.

Its strategy encompasses all phases of the marketing and sales funnel, backed by four specialized units offering targeted distribution solutions, door-to-door marketing, logistics, advanced analytics, gamification, geomarketing, incentive programs, loyalty, and digital content distribution.

A new business logic and deep restructuring of sales processes and systems

The starting point was to establish a clear primary objective: to define a new commercial flow that would allow Mediapost to optimize internal processes culminating in a substantial improvement in sales.

This strategy is based on the synergy among all business units being essential for Mediapost. This allows specialists from each commercial unit to complement their offerings, providing services from other areas that bring the expected added value to customers. The centralization and accessibility of all available information in the company regarding products and customers now become a crucial aspect, making the CRM a key piece for the company's expansion.

Before collaborating with SNGULAR, Mediapost was already using Microsoft's CRM Dynamics 365 for Sales software. Antonio Tena Blázquez, Director of Business Development for LATAM at Mediapost, explains, «Currently, we work with various Microsoft tools such as Teams, Office, and the ClickDimensions marketing automation platform. We also chose Dynamics 365 for Sales because it maintains smooth integration with other tools in the Microsoft suite»."

To address the needs of the sales team and the planning of the new business structure, Mediapost and SNGULAR decided to join forces to review the entire sales flow and adapt the configuration and use of their CRM to the new requirements.

antonio-tena-blazquez.jpg Antonio Tena Blázquez, Director of Business Development for LATAM at Mediapost

Two key changes in Mediapost's commercial structure

1. From collaborative selling to cross-selling

One of the challenges that Mediapost has faced with the new strategy is the limitation experienced by Key Account Managers (KAM) when trying to offer their clients substitute products from other lines of business. As Antonio points out, «Initially, KAMs applied a collaborative sales system, referring the contact to another specialist when interest arose in a product from another area. However, the new commercial structure, oriented towards a transversal model, allows salespeople to access all information about the company's products and services, directly providing a more comprehensive offer to meet their client's needs».

After proposing this improvement to the sales process, we designed and effectively configured it in their CRM, leveraging all the possibilities offered by Dynamics 365 to centralize information about contacts, accounts, and company products, thus promoting cross-selling. In this way, new opportunities from different business areas can be opened from the profile of an opportunity.

2. Simplifying Processes with the Adaptation of Dynamics 365

After defining the sales process, Mediapost's Marketing department led the CRM redesign. With the collaboration of SNGULAR's technical team, certified and specialized in Microsoft services, we adapted the platform to the new business needs.

A key aspect of the project was to centralize all customer information in Dynamics 365 and consolidate a common use of the tool for all users, as previously, data was accessed from different environments. «We realized that it didn't make sense to invest in a CRM and work at the same time from Excel sheets or local files. Right now, all users obtain information from the same repository, which prevents different interpretations», says Antonio.

Another implementation we carried out was the development of automations that facilitate task management from the CRM and allow increasing the productivity of salespeople. The configuration of automations simplifies many necessary steps in the acquisition and loyalty process, such as sending pre-configured alerts and automatic triggers of predefined campaigns. Ultimately, all this improves productivity and the tracking of the customer lifecycle.

We also developed dashboards with automated indicators so that managers and agents can monitor performance in real-time and generate reports.

The next step was the development of dashboards with automated indicators so that managers and agents can monitor performance in real-time, generate reports, and make better decisions. As Antonio indicates, «Thanks to the new CRM structure, we are able to unify all existing information in a single place; we have improved our productivity and lead and customer tracking, facilitating the day-to-day work of our salespeople. Additionally, we have stopped having interpretation errors because all the information comes from the same place».


How Mediapost Achieves Optimization of Dynamics 365 within Its Commercial Operations

Harnessing technology to serve people

The successful implementation of a CRM represents an important decision for any company, as it involves considering the balance between technology and its usefulness. This is something we were very clear about before implementing the new operation within Dynamics 365. «Ultimately, it's not about imposing a more robust and complex tool in the company, but offering a solution that adds value in day-to-day operations and makes the work of salespeople easier», points out Antonio.

In this sense, technology was put at the service of people (and not the other way around), adapting the CRM to the new operational flows.

Engage the team from the outset of the project

From the outset, all sales staff were involved in the project. The active participation of the entire team from the beginning was essential to minimize resistance to change, listening to their ideas and opinions, thus achieving greater acceptance of the proposed modifications.

Leading the project from a single department

Designating the Marketing department as the project leader facilitated coordination among the different teams. This ensured that the implementation met the criteria of all departments, guaranteeing a comprehensive solution.

Training users

To adopt a cultural change and accelerate the new business operations, Mediapost organized a series of practical internal training sessions with the teams involved in using the tool, tailored to each area of work

Continuous tracking and improvements

To ensure the success of implementing a new CRM, it's essential to conduct ongoing evaluations of tool usage. In this regard, Mediapost holds a weekly meeting with the sales team to assess tool usage and adjust the strategy to achieve business objectives.


Toward international expansion

The new commercial structure provides Mediapost with a fresh sales flow aligned with its goals, leveraging the capabilities of Dynamics 365 to automate processes and facilitate access to all information. According to Antonio, «Thanks to the involvement, proactivity, and extensive knowledge in the tool of the SNGULAR team, we have managed to move this project forward in a short time and with great success».

Looking ahead, the company sees this new commercial paradigm as a gateway to expanding into new international markets. According to Antonio, «Our challenge from now on is to figure out how to gradually transfer this new operation to the offices in Colombia and Mexico, with the same level of ease that has opened up new avenues of growth opportunities in the domestic market».

Eva Rodríguez Vidal, Marketing Manager at SNGULAR

Eva Rodríguez Vidal

Marketing Manager at SNGULAR

With a strong foundation in marketing and an innovation-oriented mindset, I specialize in creating content that enables companies to understand and adopt new technologies and digital solutions, aiming to enhance their productivity, efficiency, and achieve their business goals.