Sngular joins the NVIDIA Partner Program

Sngular joins the NVIDIA Partner Program

May 28, 2024

  • By joining the NPN, Sngular deepens its capacities in high-demand areas like AI, computerized vision, virtual reality and gaming.
  • With increased access to NPN partner ecosystem and accelerated computing technologies, Sngular’s clients will be able to accelerate their digital transformations and offer state-of-the-art products and services.

Sngular, an international technology and innovation company, has joined forces with the AI accelerated computing company NVIDIA through its NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN) program.

Joining the NPN NVIDIA Partner Network gives Sngular opportunities to take advantage of the NVIDIA accelerated computing platform.

The move helps solidify Sngular’s position as one of Spain’s top emerging tech companies, reinforcing its capacities in Artificial Intelligence (AI), edge computing, natural language processing (NPL), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and gaming.

“The privileged access to the resources and that come with joining the NPN will help us improve and innovate in areas where Sngular is already highly distinguished,” said Sngular’s Head of Partnerships Juan Monzón.

The NPN program will also give Sngular’s engineers access to NVIDIA’s knowledge and expertise in AI. This know-how will reinforce Sngular’s ability to deliver AI solutions to clients’ growing demands.

NVIDIA has been a pioneer in visual computing solutions for more than 25 years and has evolved its GPU into a computer brain that sits at the intersection of virtual reality, high-performance computing and AI.

Sngular looks forward to collaborating and utilize NVIDIA expertise to continue to build GPU-based solutions that will give clients a competitive edge in their respective markets.

“Joining the NVIDIA Partner Network means we can keep expanding our abilities to offer the best solutions to a wide array of sectors,” added Juantomás García, Sngular’s Chief Envisioning Officer.