Board member Sarah Harmon is moving into a new role as Sngular’s Global CEO.

Board member Sarah Harmon is moving into a new role as Sngular’s Global CEO.

September 8, 2022

Sarah’s move from outside director to Global CEO was prompted by our success and rapid growth these past several years. The fact is the organizational structure that has served us so well in the past, is no longer sufficient to handle the demands of a company with over 1,400 people located around the world. As a result, we decided to create a new position, Global CEO, to oversee the company’s future growth and evolution. Happily, for all of us, Sarah accepted our invitation to take on this new and critical position.

We’ve put our trust in Sarah, not only because of her experience and proven track record running large multinational companies, but also because she is a great person who understands and embraces the Sngular way.

Sarah is, above all, a curious person. She claims this is her superpower. She also has a passion for continuous learning. Of course, these are the two characteristics that perhaps best define most “Sngulars” and that is why we’re so confident that Sarah is the right person to serve as our Global CEO.

Sarah has been married for 27 years and has two children who complete a family of geeks addicted to technology. This shared passion has probably made her develop almost her entire career in companies with innovation and technology as their main drivers. In her words: “I have been working in the technology industry for 25 years. From start-ups to multinationals, and in all cases, innovation and growth have been the two most relevant aspects”.

Welcome, Sarah! We look forward to working with you to grow both as a company and as a team.