Road to PactFlow Enterprise

Road to PactFlow Enterprise

Alejandro Pena, Solutions Architect

Alejandro Pena

Solutions Architect

February 23, 2023


Hello and welcome to Sngular QE Blog! If you are reading this, it is probably because you are working (or willing to work) with Contract Testing and PactFlow. If that’s correct, let me tell you that you’re in luck, because you are going to find here a lot of valuable information. On the other hand, if I’m wrong… well, I would suggest keeping reading. You may find this pretty interesting anyway 😄

During the last years, we have gained a lot of experience not only helping customers to start using Contract Testing but also managing the process to release their own PactFlow on-premise instance and integrate it with their CI/CD tool chain.

That’s why from the QE team we have decided to start this series of articles called “Road to PactFlow Enterprise”, here we would try to give coverage to the main concepts needed to be successful in the implementation of Contract Testing in large-scale organizations.

For this series of articles, we are assuming that the reader has a basic understanding and knowledge of Contract Testing. You don’t need to be an in-deep expert, but you should be familiar with the framework. If that’s not the case, maybe it would be a good idea to read some of our previous content:

This introduction section you’re reading will work as the index, the team will be adding, updating, and improving the list of articles you can find listed below. They will be alive and continuously improving, evolving as we do.

You can just jump to the section you have more interest in, or read them in order, it’s your choice. And please, don’t hesitate on sharing your thoughts with us, we would love to read your doubts, suggestions, or corrections so we can keep learning altogether.

Happy reading!


Contract Testing Workflows
A brief summary and introduction to the typical workflows you may need to include in your enterprise environments.

PactFlow: Self-Hosted vs SaaS Which one to choose? Advantages and disadvantages, key points to consider when making the decision.

Contract Testing & CI

Some “tricks” or special situations we have encountered so far, the kind of tweaks for your pipelines that nobody is going to explain to you in introductory content.

Contract Testing & development

How to establish the references and good practices for your development teams? how do we onboard new teams to the methodology? We will not show you how to code contract testing here, but how we help teams to start the process of adoption of this technique.

SAML SSO Configuration

Yeah, PactFlow requires you to configure SSO to be used at an enterprise level. There’s no other choice, and you have here a guide to configure it.

Alejandro Pena, Solutions Architect

Alejandro Pena

Solutions Architect

With over 14 years of experience as a Software Engineer, I specialize in Contract Testing and PactFlow platform provisioning. My passion for exploring new technologies is only matched by my love for video games. When I'm not coding or gaming, I enjoy spending time with my family on hikes, watching movies, reading a good book, or listening to music.