Good people make the best professionals

Good people make the best professionals

March 10, 2022

We often think about how some organizations fail when they have the most talented team. The reality is that we mistakenly assume that talent is the only thing necessary for a company to grow.

You may wonder where I am going with this reflection. I want to prove why having a team of highly qualified workers is no guarantee of success in today's environment.

Many companies think that to be successful or get their funding round they need workers with university degrees, master's degrees, or certifications. But the reality is that evidence shows that the best companies in the world do not necessarily demand workers with higher education. The prestigious psychologist, neuroscientist, and Harvard professor Howard Gardner claims that for a professional to be truly successful, he or she must first be a good person.

For that reason, at Sngular we never talk about human resources but People. We firmly believe in "people WITH resources." If we lose sight of the person behind the work and growth, we may be tempted to consider only professional skills. And that's the mistake.

Many experts in the workplace psychology field claim that bad people never become good professionals.

We are immersed in a market that requires us to combine talent, attitude, and ethics to obtain the best results. When I am talking about ethics, I talk about those people who, both in their professional and personal environment, demonstrate consistency between what they say and what they do. People who lead by example (something easier said than done).

We must bear in mind that by harmonizing people, talent, and ethics we achieve collaborative work culture that requires a constant learning process.

Teamwork ensures productivity. Everyone can dedicate themselves to the area in which they are best at, always being able to ask for support from the rest of their colleagues. If the group is united, cooperation among colleagues will force them to share ideas, compare information and even propose solutions to new situations or adversities. In that sense, teamwork improves employees' job satisfaction, as they feel supported by the company and push them to increase their self-confidence.

All this information leads us to ask ourselves: are we who we want to be? and if we are, are we in a company that helps us to be better?

If you are in doubt, I can only recommend you to find your COMPANY.