Welcome, Circular!

Welcome, Circular!

February 1, 2024

We’re excited to announce the integration of Circular into our ecosystem. Circular, a Spanish startup, is renowned for its expertise in acquiring online IT talent for businesses. This strategic move strengthens SNGULAR’s position, making it one of the leading companies with access to the technology talent market in Spain. Additionally, this enhances the work and services provided by our Talent Division (Manfred).

Founded in 2019, Circular has developed a reputation for connecting technical talent with businesses through its recruitment platform tailored for IT profiles, featuring nearly 9,000 recruiters and about 25,000 candidates.

The acquisition brings a seasoned community of recruiters capable of validating technical profiles, broadening the scope of candidates managed by Manfred. With this acquisition, SNGULAR leverages both platforms to access a pool of over 60,000 specialized technical professionals, primarily based in Spain, meeting the diverse needs of its clients.

After consolidating its leadership among Spanish startups and scale-ups, Circular is now set to expand its footprint in larger companies, thanks to its integration into SNGULAR, a global technology partner for major organizations. Pedro Torrecillas, CEO of Circular, confirmed this ambitions, starting that SNGULAR “understands the challenges corporations face in developing digital products better than anyone.” He also highlighted a shared, unwavering belief that “talent, fundamentally, is the cornerstone of digital business success.”

SNGULAR will integrate Circular’s offerings into its Talent Division (Manfred), leveraging these new resources to help companies, especially large corporations and tech startups, attract and retain technical talent. This integration not only expands its customer and candidate base but also brings in a significant community of recruiters and a cutting-edge technological platform to facilitate connections.

Both companies are united by a shared culture and values that prioritize technological talent as the core of their organizations. Jose Luis Vallejo, President and founder of SNGULAR, remarked that this merger is in line with their strategy to prioritize talent as the primary asset of knowledge and innovation-driven companies. “Talent is, by definition, the scarcest resource in today’s organizations. While I will enhance our individual capabilities, it will further underscore that it’s the people with real talent, now empowered by our technology, who will continue to distinguish one company from another,” Jose Luis explained.