T3chfest: a place where university and business converge

T3chfest: a place where university and business converge

Giulia Palma, Communication & PR Executive, SNGULAR

Giulia Palma

Communication & PR Executive, SNGULAR

April 10, 2024

Imagine a place where technology merges with fun, where curious minds come together to explore the limits of innovation... Welcome to T3chfest! The gathering that brings together technology enthusiasts at the Carlos III University of Madrid auditorium. This year, on March 14th and 15th, T3chfest shone brighter than ever, attracting technology and computer science students eager to acquire new knowledge and experiences. Can you guess who was there, right in the heart of the action? Yes, you guessed it, SNGULAR.

SNGULAR at T3chfest 2024

SNGULAR isn't just a spectator at T3chfest; we are an active part of the experience. For over three editions, we have been supporting this cutting-edge event, as our team includes Nerea Luis Mingueza, Head of SNGULAR's Artificial Intelligence team and Founder of T3chfest itself.

"I can't be as involved in the pre-organization anymore, but coming and feeling like 'one more' during the event, talking to the volunteers, and receiving all the feedback and love from people who come for the first time or who are veterans is something inexplicably beautiful," Nerea Luis shares from her LinkedIn page.

Harnessing the Latest Technology

This year, our team made an impact. Representing the company were colleagues from the People department to AI and Communication professionals. We showcased a fascinating demonstration of an application that uses AI to create hyper-realistic avatars, aiming to help students stand out with an original and eye-catching LinkedIn photo.


«We use a set of technologies, based on stable diffusion technologies, with different algorithms that translate into the hyper-realistic avatar we see in the final result», explains Paloma Tirado Martín, Machine Learning Engineer on SNGULAR's development team.

Thanks to the hard work of SNGULAR's AI team, and InstandID technology, we generated around 100 avatars that left more than one person amazed. In this article written by our colleague Ana Cano, you can find more details on how the technology behind this innovative InstantID tool works.

«A new solution based on diffusion models has recently been introduced that is generating great interest due to its ease of use, performance, and quality of results», shares Ana Cano Barrera, Conversational Designer at SNGULAR.

But that wasn't all, our colleague Andrés Matesanz Cuadrado, a Computer Vision developer, captivated us with a talk that, with a fun touch in the style of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, covered the theme of 3D Computer Vision applied to a basketball court, yielding fascinating results.

Additionally, at our booth, we had the opportunity to challenge participants in various contests, where they had to answer questions that SNGULARs from different technical disciplines had prepared for the occasion. From here, we want to thank all the people from the community who approached our booth to share their time with the SNGULAR team.

This is not the end

T3chfest 2024 was an unforgettable experience, and we at SNGULAR are grateful to have been part of it. With over 1600 attendees, 30 participating companies, and over 70 fascinating talks, the event exceeded all expectations. Behind this success, there is a dedicated team of students and alumni working tirelessly to make this incredible gathering a reality. Thanks to the T3chfest organization for making it possible!

«For SNGULAR, it is important to be at these events because it's where our colleagues are present, we want to participate and share moments with the technical community», says GusztavStatus, People Specialist at SNGULAR.

But this is not the end. If you want to relive the best moments of the event, don't miss our recap video. Join the fun, technology, and innovation with SNGULAR and T3chfest. We look forward to seeing you at the next edition!


Giulia Palma, Communication & PR Executive, SNGULAR

Giulia Palma

Communication & PR Executive, SNGULAR

As an OKR Mentor, Giulia has guided over 300 professionals, blending agile methods with cutting-edge technology. Her experience spans managing high-impact events and media projects. With an entrepreneurial background, she fuels her passion for personal and professional development in the business ecosystem, with a results-oriented and innovative approach.