José Calderón Joins Sngular. Brings his Point Guard Skills to Technology

José Calderón Joins Sngular. Brings his Point Guard Skills to Technology

May 28, 2024

Former NBA standout José Manuel Calderón has partnered with Sngular, an international technology solutions provider, as an advisor. Drawing on his 14 years of experience in the NBA, Mr. Calderón will share with Sngular’s employees and clients lessons on teamwork, excellence and adaptability.

Commenting on the signing of Mr. Calderón, Sngular’s U.S. Managing Director, Alma Miller, explained, “We believe there are many parallels between the fast-paced and highly competitive world of professional sports and the ever-changing world of technology services and solutions. We’re excited to learn from José Manuel what he feels are the keys to succeeding as a team in a dynamic, challenging environment like the one we operate in.”

Asked about his approach to his new role as an advisor to Sngular, Mr. Calderón explained, “With any team, be it in the NBA or in the world of technology, the key to success is the quality and dedication of your people. My hope is that I can help my new teammates be better. It’s really no different than my job as a point guard in the NBA.”

In January, Mr. Calderón helped inaugurate Sngular’s new technology hub in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, speaking on the importance of building a strong internal work culture. In the upcoming weeks, Mr. Calderón will participate in roundtable discussions and seminars with Sngular’s employees and clients in the U.S. and Spain, while also advising Sngular on various startup ventures and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Calderon Sngular Pittsburgh event medium Our Pittsburgh team with José Manuel Calderón during the inauguration event of Sngular’s new technology hub in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

“In this new role, José Manuel will be an invaluable resource for Sngular,” said Sngular’s President José Luis Vallejo. “José brings a unique perspective to our organization and a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our thought is that his participation in these regularly scheduled programs will help Sngular attract and retain the most inspired, dedicated and talented people in our industry. Especially those who share our same values.”

Calderón began his NBA career in 2005, signing with the Toronto Raptors after several years of playing professionally in Europe. The Spanish point guard played for the Raptors for seven seasons before being traded to the Detroit Pistons in 2012. After a year with the Pistons, he went on to play for the Dallas Mavericks, New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers, Atlanta Hawks and Cleveland Cavaliers before returning to Detroit in 2019. During his 14-year career in the NBA, Calderón left his mark on and off the court, leading the league in free throw percentage (2008- 2009) and three-point shooting percentage (2012-2013) while also working on global initiatives as an ambassador for UNICEF and as the creator of his own foundation.

In addition to his NBA career, Calderón also had a successful basketball career at the international level, representing his home country of Spain in numerous FIBA EuroBaskets and World Cups, as well as the last four Summer Olympic Games. During this time Mr. Calderón brought home a remarkable total of 11 medals in international competitions.

Asked about this new venture, Mr. Calderón said, “After a lifetime of playing basketball, I’m excited to take on a role that allows me to share what I’ve learned with remarkably talented people who are working on the front lines of what has to be the most relevant industry in the world today – technology. This is all very new to me and that’s precisely what I love about this challenge.”

IMG_4469 Ignacio García, José Luis Vallejo, José Manuel Calderón, Evaristo Nogales, and Alma Miller.