Sngular inaugurates new sHub in Pittsburgh

Sngular inaugurates new sHub in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA – Seeking to emulate the success of its sHubs in Europe, Sngular inaugurated its first sHub in the United States on January 22 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

“We like to think of this space as a home where we can interact with all the people who share our vision of the future of technology and innovation,” said Alma Miller, Sngular’s Managing Director for the United States and Asia-Pacific. 

Nearly 100 guests attended the inauguration which featured a keynote speech and a panel discussion on innovation technology. 

Scarlett Sieber, an international speaker, fintech expert and Managing Director Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer of CCG Catalyst Consulting Group, kicked off the event with a keynote speech on the impact of a company’s culture on its innovation efforts. 

“Even if you have the right infrastructure, even if you have the right resources, if the right culture is not in place, a company won’t be successful in the long run,” Ms. Sieber explained. “Innovation, especially the things that will transform the financial services industry moving forward, is not a short term process. You need the right people at the executive level to be there to support that mission… but it does not take a town, it takes a few dedicated people to really start the movement and grow from there.” 

Following Ms. Sieber’s keynote address, guests at the inauguration were treated to a panel discussion by technology experts and executives from Pittsburgh on what innovation means across various industries. 

“It always comes down to people. Whether it’s the people that are part of your company or the people that will be buying your product. You have to have happy people to make happy products to make happy customers,” said Jonathan Kersting, Vice President of Communications & Media of the Pittsburgh Technology Council.

Drawing on their professional experiences, the panelists shared important take-aways. 

“The status quo can be highly costly. If you don’t do something differently and the outcome is bad, I’d hold you accountable. In some ways, even more then if you try something that didn’t work because you were trying to solve the right problem, that’s often better than doing nothing. Uncertainty and experimentation are necessary to improve products and services,” said Santiago Garces, the City of Pittsburgh’s Director of Innovation and Performance.

Fernando Alfaro, SVP Head of Retail Channel Delivery and Open Banking at PNC, agreed and added “When I have seen true transformation, true innovation happen, is when we think long term.”

Ganesh Krishnan, Executive VP and Chief Information Officer for PNC Bank’s Corporate and Institutional Banking highlighted the importance of collaboration as an integral element of innovation. “The core definition of innovation is open collaboration. The more you open yourself up, the more you collaborate, the more value you will generate for yourself, your partner and your customers.”

Drawing on the lessons learned at Sngular’s European hubs, this new sHub in Pittsburgh will serve as a space for open collaboration, experimentation and relationship-building. It will be a place where people from Sngular, partner organizations and the broader technology and business communities will come together and innovate. 



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