SNGULAR recognized as a Top 100 company for attracting and advancing diversity

SNGULAR recognized as a Top 100 company for attracting and advancing diversity

December 21, 2022

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Sngular, a leading technology and consulting firm, has been recognized as one of the top 100 companies with inclusive benefits in 2022 by Mogul, a global platform that helps Fortune 1000 companies attract and advance top diversity talent.

Mogul’s annual list recognized companies that are making real steps towards offering benefits that promote equality and employee well-being in the workplace. Sngular has been recognized for its commitment to diverse hiring and advancement practices, inclusive company benefits, as well as its efforts to provide progressive workplace resources.

“We are honored to be recognized by Mogul as a top 100 company with inclusive benefits,” said Alma Miller, US Country Manager. “At Sngular, we believe that diversity and inclusion are critical to our success. We are committed to allocate all the necessary resources to creating an environment where all of our employees feel valued, supported, and able to thrive. While there is still work to do, seeing the results makes me proud of this team”.

Sngular’s People First approach

Sngular has always placed a strong emphasis on its “people first” approach, and this has been particularly important this year when the company has implemented numerous initiatives to achieve its goal of becoming “the best place to grow.”

“This year, we saw an increased focus on self-care and well-being among our employees. To support this, we introduced a yearly well-being allowance that allows employees to invest in their physical, emotional, or home space dedicated to remote work. We also offered well-being training to help our team learn about sleep habits, healthy food habits, optimal exercise, and work/life balance”, comments Daniel Gonzalez, US Strategy Director at Sngular.

“We are proud to offer a number of benefits to support work-life balance, including flexible schedules, remote work possibilities, and 23 days of PTO on top of 10 days of paid holidays,” continues Daniel. “In terms of healthcare, we provide a variety of high-quality, nationally recognized options for free, and we co-pay for premium plans so that our employees can feel safe and secure”.

Sngular’s inclusive hiring policy allows the company to assemble a diverse, international team with top talent from around the world. This team brings a range of ideas, opinions, work style, cultural backgrounds and beliefs that are valued. In the software development industry, it is particularly important to encourage creativity and collaboration in order to find innovative solutions. By fostering diversity and inclusion, Sngular is able to benefit from the unique perspectives and experiences of its team members.

“We are honored to be featured alongside innovative companies that are changing the way we approach care for employees,” said Miller. “We have to keep going to make Sngular The Best Place to Work and Grow, but this recognition and feedback we receive from our team show that we must continue to prioritize our people and maintain our “People First” approach”.