Sngular closes the integration of ASPgems

Sngular closes the integration of ASPgems

July 14, 2024

Sngular has closed a deal to integrate ASPgems, a Spanish company specialized in web development and agile solutions.

This marks the first integration of 2021 for Sngular, a rapidly growing multinational technology company headquartered in Madrid.

With this integration, Sngular reinforces its capacities in open source technology, where ASPgems is a market leader. ASPgems is specialized in Ruby on Rails, a web app development framework; Flutter, used to develop mobile and web apps; and the web content management framework Drupal.

ASPgems also has significant expertise in other digital technologies including big data, machine learning and blockchain.

Yet, the operation goes beyond technological capacities, with key cultural synergies another determining factor for the deal. The ASPgems team, led by Agustín Cuenca, will be joining Sngular.

“This is one more step forward toward our goal of creating the best place for people with talent and passion for technology, as well as a culture based more on common values than on concrete objectives,” said Sngular’s President José Luis Vallejo.

“As I always say, we’re building the best place for great professionals who are great people too.”

ASPgems was created in Madrid. It has more than 40 staff who serve national and international clients. In 2020, it earned more than €3 million ($3.6 million).

“We are joining Sngular, a company whose innovation ecosystem and technology have won us over, with its large international presence and disruptive projects worldwide. We believe that the talent of both companies will be highly synergistic. It will also be enriching for teams with projects with technological capacities that are in high demand in the current market,” said Cuenca.

The value of the acquisition has not been disclosed.

A growing ecosystem of talent and innovation

This integration forms part of Sngular’s growth and diversification strategy, which aims to enhance the company’s position as an ecosystem of digital talent and innovation.

On top of its strong organic growth, Sngular has recently reinforced its offering of digital services through acqui-hiring teams specialized in technology like video games and virtual assistants.

This is accompanied by the acquisition of companies strong in complementary technical disciplines like Brainside (VR), crossThings (IoT), Sopinet (Venture Building) or Openshine (Cloud and microservices).

Sngular has likewise spent several years focused on developing business models centered on digital talent. These models are not focused on digital services, but instead on areas like talent management (Sngular Talent), for which Sngular acquired the Talent Agency “Manfred” created by David Bonilla in 2018.

Along the same line, Sngular also has a wide range of training and learning offerings (Sngular Learning), which have been reinforced in recent years by the acquisition of UXER School and with Sngular’s investment and alliance with TeamLabs.

The organization has other business units that complement the company’s ecosystem and generate powerful synergies across the board. Sngular Ventures – a business unit where a dozen start-ups related to employees, clients and partner companies participate – and Sngular Spaces, which manages spaces related to offices, converting them into open hubs for the technical community, are two examples.