Application Modernization on Google Cloud

Application Modernization on Google Cloud

Eva Rodríguez Vidal, Marketing Manager at SNGULAR

Eva Rodríguez Vidal

Marketing Manager at SNGULAR

June 5, 2024

Google Cloud Positions Itself as a Strategic Partner in Application Modernization

If we were to ask the question, "What are the main obstacles a company faces in technological innovation?", I am sure that most companies would talk about the difficulties their legacy applications present in adapting to new developments. Legacy applications can be a hindrance to growth and innovation because they are not designed to take advantage of current technologies and tools.

When legacy applications become a barrier to growth, it is time to take action. But what happens if we do not modernize our applications? The risk is, and will increasingly be, high. It's a countdown to the progressive loss of customers who expect solutions and services based on the latest technologies and architectures. Additionally, maintaining these legacy systems and applications can be a waste of money. Worse still, the providers of these applications may stop offering support, creating a complicated situation to manage in terms of technical incidents and security breaches.

The decision is challenging: modernize or develop from scratch. This is a strategic issue that requires deep reflection. Is it worth investing time and resources in modernizing applications that may have inherent limitations, or is it better to start from scratch and create something new and more innovative? The answer is not easy and will depend on several factors, such as the current state of the application, the company's objectives, and the resources available. In any case, it is essential to make an informed and strategic decision that aligns with the company's medium and long-term goals.

Driving Innovation with Google Cloud, a Strong Ally in Application Modernization

At the recent Google Cloud Summit held just a few days ago at the Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid, it became clear that application modernization is one of the key priorities for the coming years. Google, along with some of its clients, including SNGULAR, presented various initiatives and solutions that position it as a strategic partner in application modernization.

Google Cloud aims to go beyond merely migrating applications to the cloud. It seeks to leverage the latest technologies and methodologies to make applications and processes more agile and scalable, while also offering a more consistent operational and development experience.


After analyzing the needs of our clients, at SNGULAR we have identified four major areas of focus on which we are working across a wide range of modernization projects in collaboration with Google Cloud:

Cloud-Native Application Development

Developing a cloud-native application from scratch allows you to fully leverage the capabilities of the cloud, such as scalability, automation, and security, offering greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This type of technology is essential in scalable and high-availability environments, as it can adapt to demand in real-time. Cloud-native applications are characterized by their modular design based on independent, scalable microservices, packaged in lightweight and portable containers, which facilitates rapid deployment and implementation of new functionalities.

Google Cloud offers a wide range of managed services that integrate easily into applications, facilitating the development of cloud-native applications from scratch. This allows developers to focus on coding without worrying about infrastructure management.

Google Cloud Products Cloud-Native Application Development
Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) Fully managed container orchestration platform to deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications securely and reliably.
Cloud Build Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) service that automates the development, testing, and deployment process of cloud-native applications, seamlessly integrating with GKE for efficient workflows.
Cloud Run Serverless platform to run containerized applications without the need to manage infrastructure, ideal for applications with unpredictable traffic spikes or high scalability.
Cloud SQL Managed database service that allows provisioning, managing, and scaling relational and NoSQL databases in the cloud, offering high availability, security, and performance for cloud-native applications.

At SNGULAR, we support our clients through all phases of cloud-native application development, from ideation to implementation and maintenance:

  • Research and Design: We analyze your needs and business objectives to define the optimal architecture and design for your cloud-native application.
  • Network Design: We design a secure and scalable network tailored to the specific demands of your application.
  • Microservices and Containerization: We develop your application as a collection of independent microservices and containerize them to facilitate deployment and management.
  • CI/CD Configuration and Adoption of DevSecOps, MLOps, and GitOps: We implement a continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) workflow and adopt cutting-edge practices like DevSecOps, MLOps, and GitOps to ensure the quality, security, and efficiency of your development.
  • Rapid MVP Development: We quickly and efficiently create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of your cloud-native application, allowing you to validate your idea and receive early feedback.

Application Migration and Modernization

As mentioned, migrating and modernizing existing applications is a crucial step to reap the benefits of the cloud, such as improved operational efficiency, cost reduction, and quick response to changing market needs. This process involves moving applications from on-premises environments to the cloud and updating them to fully leverage the capabilities of cloud infrastructure. Modernization can include refactoring monolithic applications into a microservices-based architecture, implementing containers, and adopting DevOps practices to automate and enhance workflows.

In this regard, Google Cloud offers several products that facilitate application migration and modernization, allowing companies to transition smoothly to the cloud while minimizing disruptions and optimizing the performance and security of their applications.

Google Cloud Products Application Migration and Modernization
Anthos Anthos enables consistent application deployment across Google Cloud, other public clouds, or on-premises data centers. It includes tools for configuration management, security, and observability across all clouds.
Compute Engine High-performance virtual machines in the cloud, with customizable CPU, memory, and storage options. Ideal for running high-performance web applications, big data analysis, development and test environments, and more.
Cloud Storage Highly scalable and durable object storage service. Ideal for storing and accessing large volumes of unstructured data. Highly available and secure, with options for public or private access.
AlloyDB Managed database service designed to deliver superior performance and high availability. Combines the best of PostgreSQL with Google-specific optimizations for critical workloads and high-performance applications.

We understand the implications of modernizing your applications without jeopardizing your business. A migration and modernization project is challenging, so it is recommended to adopt a phased approach, carefully managing each stage of the process for optimal resolution. At SNGULAR, we have enhanced the performance and scalability of many of our clients' systems and applications, providing the confidence and support needed to make modernization a smooth journey rather than a headache:

  • Cloud Migration: We transition your applications from on-premises environments to the cloud, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted migration.
  • Replatforming: We adapt your applications to take advantage of cloud-native features and services, improving their efficiency and responsiveness.
  • Refactoring: We redesign and optimize your applications, transforming them into modern microservices-based architectures to enhance their performance and scalability.
  • Hybrid Cloud and On-Premises Integration: We integrate and manage your applications in hybrid environments, allowing seamless coexistence between on-premises systems and the cloud to maximize flexibility and control.
  • Cloud Database Replication: We replicate and manage your databases in the cloud, ensuring high availability, redundancy, and disaster recovery.

Marketing and Data Analytics

Data governance is a set of practices and processes that enable companies to manage their data effectively. This involves establishing policies, procedures, and standards for the collection, storage, use, and disposal of data. Good data governance allows businesses to make more informed decisions, identify new opportunities through pattern and trend analysis, optimize resource allocation, and improve operational efficiency.

Today, data is a fundamental asset for companies. By unifying and analyzing data from different sources in a centralized and efficient manner, a company can gain a comprehensive view of its customers, allowing it to personalize products, services, and strategies to better meet market needs. Data governance enables better business decisions, the identification of new opportunities, optimized resource allocation, and improved operational efficiency, which can lead to sustainable long-term growth.

Google Cloud also offers solutions in the field of Marketing and Data Analytics that can help businesses unify and leverage their data securely and effectively.

Google Cloud Products Marketing and Data Analytics
BigQuery Cloud-based data warehousing and big data analytics service that allows for fast and scalable querying and analysis of large datasets. It offers integration with other Google Cloud tools for advanced analytics and reporting.
Looker Business intelligence platform that enables intuitive data visualization and exploration, generating interactive reports and dashboards. It allows data analysis from various sources and collaborative information sharing within the organization.
Dataflow Real-time and batch data processing service that allows for scalable and efficient data transformation and analysis. It provides tools for data ingestion, transformation, and loading, facilitating the development of complex data analysis workflows.

If your data is dispersed across different silos, making it difficult to gain a complete view of your customers, or if you find it hard to make informed decisions due to a lack of necessary information, or you are not leveraging the power of predictive analytics to identify new business opportunities, we can help. At SNGULAR, we offer consulting services to help you unify, analyze, and act on your data so that you can make more precise decisions, improve customer experience, and drive business growth:

  • Implementing a Customer Data Platform (CDP) to unify and centralize customer data from various sources.
  • Complying with data privacy regulations and developing a first-party data strategy.
  • Segmenting your audiences into groups with similar characteristics and behaviors.
  • Integrating your CDP with your marketing platform to use customer data for creating personalized and automated campaigns.
  • Developing predictive analytics models to forecast customer behavior and create intelligent campaigns.

Modernization with AI and GenAI

With modern technology, companies can unlock the true potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and generative machine learning (GenAI), integrating innovative technologies such as intelligent agents, predictive analytics, and machine learning to transform their operations, personalize customer experiences, and drive sustainable growth.

Using Google Cloud's AI and GenAI tools, you can automate tasks, improve decision-making, create more personalized customer experiences, and gain a deeper insight into your business.

Google Cloud Products Modernization with AI and GenAI
Vertex AI Fully managed, unified machine learning platform that enables you to develop, train, deploy, and monitor AI models quickly and at scale. With over 130 foundation models and a broad ecosystem of AI partners.
Dialogflow CX Conversational agent platform that allows you to create intelligent chatbots and virtual assistants to enhance the customer experience.
Document AI Suite of AI tools for extracting information from unstructured documents, such as contracts, invoices, and forms.
Cloud Vision API Computer vision API that allows you to analyze images and videos to extract information such as objects, text, faces, and emotions.

Here are some services in which we can help you leverage the power of artificial intelligence to transform your business and gain a competitive edge:

  • Intelligent Agents and Conversational Assistants: We develop chatbots and virtual assistants that understand natural language and can interact with your customers seamlessly and personally. We use large language models (LLMs) to create more natural and engaging conversational experiences.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Document and Image Processing: We automate repetitive tasks and extract valuable information from documents and images using AI techniques such as computer vision and natural language processing (NLP).
  • Computer Vision: We implement computer vision solutions to analyze images and videos in real-time, allowing you to gain valuable insights about your environment and make smarter decisions.
  • Custom Machine Learning Models: We create machine learning models tailored to your specific needs using machine learning and deep learning techniques. We integrate these models into your applications to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and decision-making.

Supporting Modernization in Large Projects

The modernization of large projects is a complex process that requires careful planning and execution to ensure success. However, many projects face significant challenges that can slow down or halt their progress. Expert guidance can be crucial to overcoming the hurdles of modernization.

It’s not just about tackling technical complexities; it's also about managing cultural change and training teams to adapt to new technologies and processes. At SNGULAR, we have guided many companies on their journey toward modernization, allowing us to learn firsthand what works and what doesn't. Our experience has taught us that the most important aspect is ensuring our clients feel secure and confident throughout the process, guaranteeing business continuity and minimizing the risk of stagnation.

If you are ready to take the leap toward modernization, we invite you to discuss your technical and operational needs with us. We are here to listen and explore how we can help you achieve your goals. Here you can find more information about our modernization services and get in touch with us. Don’t hesitate to contact us to start modernizing your company with confidence!

Eva Rodríguez Vidal, Marketing Manager at SNGULAR

Eva Rodríguez Vidal

Marketing Manager at SNGULAR

With a strong foundation in marketing and an innovation-oriented mindset, I specialize in creating content that enables companies to understand and adopt new technologies and digital solutions, aiming to enhance their productivity, efficiency, and achieve their business goals.