Awaken the sleeping giant of your company!

Awaken the sleeping giant of your company!

Carlos Guardiola, Chief Innovation Officer

Carlos Guardiola

Chief Innovation Officer

April 2, 2024

Have you found yourself trapped in an endless cycle of unresolved problems?

You've tried all the conventional solutions, but it seems the more you try, the more complicated everything becomes. Don't worry, it's more common than it seems.

You may be facing a complex challenge, characterized by dynamic environments, unpredictable behaviors, and a high degree of uncertainty. These problems are not governed by traditional rules, the connections between system elements are intricate, causal relationships are not always apparent at first glance, and they demand innovative and strategic solutions.

But don't worry, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Tackle complex challenges with Unconventional CPS

Unconventional CPS (Complex Problem Solving) is born from a shared vision and decades of combined experience in the industry. The initiative arises from the collaboration between prominent professionals from Singular Solving and SNGULAR, two leading companies in innovation and digital transformation. This strategic alliance is formed with the common goal of driving organizational excellence through technological innovation and paradigm shift in problem-solving.

Whether you're seeking broader margins for your company, entry into new markets, business model transformation, understanding why customers prefer the competition, or anticipating the next wave of innovation, Unconventional CPS offers a different approach with unconventional solutions for exceptional problems.

Our vision based on experimentation, measurement, and action will provide you with better options for decision-making. And those who can make decisions have an advantage.


Bridge the gap between technological integration and strategic vision

One of the main characteristics of Unconventional CPS is its integrated approach to technology and strategic vision in organizational problem-solving. Instead of considering technology as an end in itself, the initiative recognizes its potential as a tool to achieve broader strategic objectives and improve overall organizational performance.

Despite efforts focused on digitalization, we have neglected the transformational aspect. Many companies have invested exorbitant amounts of money in technology, but the real impact on the organization or its results has been minimal.

In this sense, Unconventional CPS stands out for its holistic approach to digital transformation, which goes beyond the implementation of technological solutions to address organizational challenges. The initiative promotes a culture of collaboration and continuous learning, where technology is used as a facilitator to empower innovation, improve operational efficiency, and create value for customers and stakeholders.

Our vision is to act as a facilitator for such transformative changes, while promoting greater integration between technological teams and business decision-making. We firmly believe that we are at a crucial moment where it is necessary to overcome traditional barriers between these two worlds and adopt a more holistic approach to innovation and organizational transformation.

Our foundational purpose is to address these gaps and create bridges between different areas and disciplines within an organization. We believe that by doing so, we can help companies successfully navigate the challenges of the modern business environment and make the most of emerging opportunities. The commitment is to work closely with our clients to identify and address the most pressing issues they face, and we are excited about the transformative potential of this initiative.

The importance of AI in simplifying complexity in organizations

Power, decision, and action dynamics are fundamental in any company, but where does complexity arise from? It usually stems from the relationships between the people within the organization. Ego, will, and intentionality are factors that influence these dynamics, and social networks have exacerbated this phenomenon by creating a culture of self-promotion and individuality.

But this is where Artificial Intelligence comes into play. This revolutionary technology has the potential to change the way we work and collaborate. How? By elevating the collective norm and promoting humility, commitment, and collaboration. Instead of focusing on making individuals stand out, AI can strengthen the group as a whole, creating a more cohesive and collaborative community.

Imagine an environment where the cognitive skills of all organization members continuously improve thanks to AI. This would not only simplify decision-making and task execution but also promote a culture of constant learning and growth.

Of course, implementing AI effectively will require a careful and ethical approach. We must ensure that it is used for the common good and not to further exacerbate inequalities or perpetuate existing biases.

Facilitating knowledge exchange and collaboration

Finally, at the heart of Unconventional CPS are the Houston Sessions, a monthly space dedicated to exchanging experiences, cross-sector collaboration, and incubating innovative ideas.

These meetings not only serve as a platform for sharing cases and situations, the latest trends, and best practices in technology and business management but also foster networking and strategic alliances among opinion leaders and professionals from various sectors.

The Houston Sessions are a place for the exchange of practical knowledge, and also a space for strategic reflection and exploration of new perspectives. Participants have the opportunity to discuss relevant case studies, analyze common challenges, and collaborate in finding solutions, knowing that confidentiality and privacy are guaranteed by adhering to the Chatham House rule.

Moreover, these sessions promote the development of leadership skills and critical thinking, thus strengthening organizations' capacity to address emerging challenges with creativity and resilience.

I leave you with the recording of the first session, so you can get some context.

We help you unlock your organization's latent potential

If you're interested in learning more about how Unconventional CPS can help your company address the challenges of modern business leadership, we invite you to contact us. Together, we can explore innovative solutions and develop customized strategies to drive growth, resilience, and positive impact.

At SNGULAR, we're not just your technology provider, but a reliable partner committed to helping you meet and exceed your ever-evolving expectations.

Carlos Guardiola, Chief Innovation Officer

Carlos Guardiola

Chief Innovation Officer

I've been working in the technology sector since the last century, and I just can't seem to leave it, you know. There must be something about it that I enjoy. I like to think that after all these years working with global leaders who create new business models, services, and products based on technology, I must have learned something interesting. Above all, I've learned to build an ethical and humanistic perspective on innovation.