Helping a global HR firm embrace Agile ways of working

Helping a global HR firm embrace Agile ways of working

May 26, 2024

How can a world-leading HR services provider make sure it stays ahead of the game?

Six years ago, a global HR firm came to us seeking to migrate their outdated testing process to a new Agile system. Our solution went beyond the initial scope of the task – from integrating testing phases for the company’s core projects to automating IT systems across the whole organization. The result? Huge cost savings and greatly reduced lead times – critical in today’s fast-paced market.

Bugs were found and fixed as early as possible.

Giving testers 360° visibility

Sngular’s solution was to put our QA professionals at the center of development teams from the very beginning. This helped us move away from the traditional linear approach. An approach that saw testing take place after development, leading to testing bottlenecks and long lead times. Our testers collaborated in parallel with the developers, enabling a preventive, rather than reactive, work mode.

To be truly agile, automation is key. Our testers’ 360° visibility of the project meant they could access the information and tools needed to gather metrics and make critical adjustments, while acting on instant feedback. It meant bugs were found and fixed as early as possible and time-to-market shortened as a result.

Standardizing IT infrastructure

Our client soon recognized our work could benefit not just their core projects, but also their company-wide IT systems. Starting with back-office applications, we defined testing processes and quality metrics for the whole organization, automating API, web and mobile app testing across different devices.

For the company’s core business objective – matching people with jobs – our AI assigned roles to candidates that were closely aligned with the profiles the candidates created in the app. But we went further, completely redesigning the website and mobile app – transforming poor functionalities and creating a smoother, more satisfying user experience.

Constantly adapting, year after year

Our client saw the adaptive advantage of Agile Testing. This was evident both in moving their business forward and in building confidence within the firm that was using the systems. Whatever the challenge, we adapted – testing every single project in a different way.

This is just one of the reasons this global HR leader has become one of our longest standing clients. In a 6-year relationship, we’ve increased from a team of 5, to a team of around 30 Sngular employees working across several projects. This has helped make sure our client remains unrivaled in the world of specialist recruitment.


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