Building an agile factory for an uncertain world

Building an agile factory for an uncertain world

May 26, 2024

How can a manufacturing plant use digital to future-proof its business?

Industrial engineering company RPK Gasori wanted to increase productivity. So they asked us to help digitize their records and analyze Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). The project involved integrating different environments and collaborating with global partners. An exciting proposition we leapt at.

Our solution offered the client a unique adaptive advantage. A software solution to seamlessly connect Gasori’s hardware with apps crucial to customer needs and, importantly, without vendor lock-in. This gave the client scalability, agility and freedom – more valuable than ever in a volatile post-pandemic world.

“Our solution gave the client control over the entire process”

Integrating the latest tech

Gasori needed a solution adaptable to their specific needs. So we brought together experts in UX, QA, software development, IoT and AI. Collaboration was key, with the client and two specialist external companies deeply involved.

One key stage was integrating technology and machines across different manufacturers. We designed a lightweight, agile network and data architecture. And we worked with Gasori’s IT and maintenance experts to help the client operate and scale the solution.

Building the code

To investigate OEE, we had to extract data from welding machine displays obscured by metallic dust. We used a LAB analysis to capture the data and, crucially, we built the code to recognize the displayed characters ourselves, rather than relying on recognition libraries. This gave the client control over adjustments, delivering an efficient, fast and highly portable solution.

We had to detect machines that had been idle for a set period of time and block them. This prompted machine operators to explain the inactivity. We did this by implementing an optimized hardware/software logic, which supercharged productivity. We also updated Gasori’s web app, enabling all tasks, calendars and reports to be digitally planned. This gave the client control over the entire process – from preparation to storage to manufacturing.

Giving Gasori an adaptive advantage

Our seamlessly integrated, adaptive solution gave the client a tool with full access to the code. The tool enables bi-directional communication with Gasori’s resource planning software. It also means operators, engineers and the production department can manage interactions in a totally digitized way. We gave the client complete control over how the business works now and the freedom to evolve in the future.


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