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ABANCA Healthy Banking

B100 is the first 100% digital bank that cares for your financial, personal, and planetary health


B100, ABANCA's new cloud-native financial service

To create B100, we didn't just need a technology provider, but a strategic partner. We were looking for a committed team that understood and shared our purpose from the outset, someone willing to share our joys, concerns, and challenges. The distinction between a mere technology provider and a strategic partner lies in their level of genuine involvement in the project. With SNGULAR, we have found that great ally.

Why is B100 a different bank?

B100 is a bank distinguished by its comprehensive approach to financial, personal, and planetary health, promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle under the concept of Healthy Banking. It represents a new category of bank with a clear purpose: to foster a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Regarding personal health, B100 promotes physical activity through Move to Save, an account that rewards users for meeting daily step challenges. In terms of financial management, B100 simplifies saving with solutions like automatic savings, allowing users to divide their money into different savings goals, making it easier to control their finances. Additionally, B100 is strongly committed to the environment. Each time you make a payment with their Pay to Save account, 25% of the generated revenue goes to projects that promote sustainability and environmental care. Thus, every transaction not only benefits you but also contributes to a greener future.

B100 redefines the concept of financial health by integrating and aligning personal and planetary health. It builds a new type of bank for a new lifestyle, healthier, under its philosophy: "To live 100 years at 100%, you need more than just money."

Building a Healthy Banking from 0 to 100 in record time

Concept, research, and design

SNGULAR's collaboration on the B100 project began with the product definition, aiming to transform the banking industry through the concept of "healthy banking."

The project started with a market and social behavior analysis to integrate sustainability and well-being into a financial proposal. Using qualitative and quantitative research methods, the needs of potential customers were identified through interviews, surveys, and focus groups. This allowed the design of a user-centered digital app, tested with real users, resulting in an attractive and user-friendly application that offers the functionalities of a next-generation digital bank, with a design system oriented towards sustainability.

Architecture and Development

The main technological need of B100 was to provide a fully digital and autonomous banking service, accessible through channels enabled for all necessary operations. To tackle this challenge, SNGULAR developed native applications for Android and iOS, and a Java backend running on a Kubernetes cluster, all hosted on Google Cloud.

The choice of cloud infrastructure allows for shorter development cycles, facilitating greater speed of innovation and product iteration. Security was a priority from the outset. The solution implements multiple measures to meet the strict regulatory requirements of the banking sector. Google Cloud provides components that enable a comprehensive security approach, ensuring that B100 not only complies with regulations but also offers its users a secure and reliable experience.

Data analytics

Another key area where SNGULAR has contributed to the B100 project is the implementation of advanced data analysis and marketing analytics solutions. These technologies allow us to better understand user behavior and personalize B100 services according to their individual needs, offering specific recommendations for saving and investment.

Additionally, B100 utilizes a Customer Data Platform (CDP) built on Big Query to centralize and manage data, as well as communication traceability. This platform enables precise segmentation for delivering personalized messages through multiple channels, significantly enhancing the customer experience.

Discover how B100, ABANCA's new Healthy Banking, was born

 Discover how B100, ABANCA's new Healthy Banking, was born

Jorge Mahía

Chief Executive Officer of B100

Para crear B100, no necesitábamos simplemente un proveedor tecnológico, sino un socio estratégico. Buscábamos un equipo comprometido que comprendiera y compartiera nuestro propósito desde el inicio, alguien que estuviera dispuesto a compartir nuestras alegrías, preocupaciones y desafíos. La distinción entre un simple proveedor tecnológico y un socio estratégico radica en su nivel de implicación genuina en el proyecto. Con SNGULAR, hemos encontrado ese gran aliado


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