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EXPO Dubai

Art and technology

SNGULAR is a prominent member of the team of companies that, for Boris Micka Associates, developed an innovative and massive interactive table. The table featured in Saudi Arabia's pavilion at the 2020 Dubai Expo, enhancing its spectacular presentation.


Between history and the future

As the centerpiece of the Saudi pavilion's Discovery Centre, the high-tech interactive table represented sequences designed to be viewed as a work of art from any point, allowing visitors to explore the country's identity and history.

Complex challenges and pandemics

The project faced technical challenges in sizing hardware and infrastructure needs, exacerbated by working from a distance in a dynamic and challenging environment. Artistically, the solution underwent constant revisions to meet demanding standards. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic added complications, virtually halting the Expo's development and creating additional logistical problems.

Success Story

Cutting-edge technology for a seamless experience

The interactive table, spanning over 100 square meters, offered a 10-minute central projection with 3D content and anamorphosis, visible from any point on its perimeter, thanks to 20 zenithal 4K projectors. Additionally, it featured 42 interactive stations offering dynamic menus and detailed information. On the surrounding walls, dedicated pods were projected, allowing pavilion staff to provide additional information from tablets, enriching the experience, expanding its reach, and enabling greater content customization for visitors.

A Monumental Creative and Artistic Effort

The content creation was a challenge involving various digital artists, including illustrators, 3D graphics experts, and animators. They generated vast amounts of data in both English and Arabic, along with a significant number of renders of exceptional dimensions (12,000 x 10,000 pixels). The project's dimensions were so extraordinary that a custom content management system had to be developed to store all this top-quality material.

Worldwide Impact

SNGULAR's interactive table project has received numerous accolades and recognitions for its quality, originality, and innovation, marking a before and after internationally in terms of large-scale interactive installations and a recognized success for the team involved. Among the international awards it holds are the Red Dot Design Awards 2022, IF Design Awards 2022, and the Silver A'Design & Competition Awards 2022.

The Best XL pavilion at expo 2020 Dubai.

The Best XL pavilion at expo 2020 Dubai.

Daniel Martínez de Leiva

Project Manager at SNGULAR

This project was a feat of collaboration and creativity that surpassed all technical and logistical limitations. Despite the challenges, we delivered a work of art that left a strong impression, exceeding all expectations. It was a testament to what a committed and passionate team can achieve when faced with adverse circumstances and limited time.

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