Sngular closed 2018 with a 50% increase in revenue

Sngular closed 2018 with a 50% increase in revenue

May 28, 2024

  • Sngular closed 2018 with 30 million euros in revenue, 20 million more than 2017.
  • The company keeps positioning its expertise as its primary growth driver.
  • Sngular expects a turnover of 50M, over 40% increase, in 2019.

Sngular has closed 2018 with 30 million EUR in revenue, resulting in a 50% increase over the previous year and a net margin of 13%. The company maintains its solid financial solvency with no debt thanks to is self-financing policy, with which it intends to continue in the coming years. This growth has been possible thanks to the firm’s capacity to foster innovation and its deep commitment to talent.

Sngular’s commitment to developing talent has sustained an increase in turnover. In 2018, over 150 highly qualified professionals joined Sngular, and have now more than 600 workers worldwide. The company is expected to be more than 1000 workers in 2019.

Moreover, Sngular is an authentic innovation ecosystem offering high value to its customers and partners in four main domains, including Services & Solutions, which includes digital transformation projects and solutions; and Sngular Labs, that works as an incubator for new products or technologies that are not yet mature for the market.

The other two domains are Sngular Ventures, a set of investments in start-ups, and Sngular NVision, events, observatories, practices, and activities open to the community and in particular to the ecosystem of new startups.

Moreover, Sngular has continued its expansion both nationally, with new offices in Barcelona and Caceres, and internationally in the United States, with two new offices in Boston and Pittsburgh. Also, the company recently opened an office in Santiago de Chile, and it is currently developing two projects in the Middle East. These operations have allowed it to close the year with 14 offices in four different countries.

By 2019, the company expects a growth of over 40% and the addition of new qualified talent and skills that will allow the company to respond to customers needs in a highly competitive and changing environment.