Propel your electoral coverage with BeatVote

Propel your electoral coverage with BeatVote

Eva Rodríguez Vidal, Marketing Manager at SNGULAR

Eva Rodríguez Vidal

Marketing Manager at SNGULAR

July 18, 2023

Elections are crucial moments for any society. The necessity to access precise electoral information and actualize it in real time has become fundamental. In this context, BeatVote, a product developed by SNGULAR, has emerged as an innovative solution to offer electoral information in real-time through widgets embedded in media websites. Here's how BeatVote makes it easy for users to access election results through mainstream media.

The Frenzy of election night: An informational marathon full of Tension for the Media

For the media, there are three notable events that trigger an absolute madness in newsrooms and technical teams: the Christmas lottery, the Olympic Games, and, of course, the elections. These events, which occur periodically but unpredictably, require real-time coverage that the media must provide to their audience eager for information. However, this task is not as simple as it seems since it entails technical and organizational challenges that can jeopardize the quality and updating of the information presented.

During election season, it is vitally important to provide precise and up-to-date information from official sources. Nevertheless, in this context, the media tends to confront technical difficulties that complicate this task, such as interruptions on the website due to the surge of users or the information failing to update in real time with the submitted data. During the 2019 elections, one of the principal communications groups of the country with an ample array of publications that include newspapers, magazines, and other media sources published data on their website on the election results as they were being announced. However, in the middle of this critical event, their digital platform crashed, which represented a significant obstacle to delivering coverage in real-time that the audience demands.
Aware of the necessity to compile a plan B in case of future possibilities, they decided to find an alternative solution, and at that moment they put themselves in contact with SNGULAR. The client needed to provide complete coverage of the electoral information in real-time, but without the need to carry out a custom project. And just like that, BeatVote was born, a solution that we have been improving and expanding with new features over time.

Soon, we realized that this solution could help numerous media outlets to solve challenges they were facing during the elections. By liberating them from the large amount of resources they were consuming during the election, which allowed them to focus on the most important task: communication.

According to Marcos Labad, Team Catalyst Director at SNGULAR« The BeatVote project has allowed us to understand the needs of the media during election night. Our principal objective has been to ease the undertaking of covering this crucial event and provide them with an intuitive and functional tool that allows them to focus on their journalistic work. .» .

BeatVote will be the protagonist in the upcoming elections of 23J

To date, BeatVote has successfully endorsed 11 elections, and soon we will be moving into the 12th during the next 23J. We are proud to announce an ample portfolio of clients, among which are recognized media like La Razón, La Vanguardia, Heraldo, 20 minutos, Henneo, Radio Huesca, Diario de Navarra y La Información.


The past elections of 28M demonstrated the success of BeatVote in its performance. During this period, we managed to carry out more than 17 simultaneous data intakes, surpassing expectations. They generated more than 16,000 pages of results and provided users with extensive and detailed electoral information. In addition, our widgets were embedded on relevant media front pages, giving prominent visibility to election data. In total, we transmitted more than 190 GB of data, which ensured fast and reliable delivery of information to our clients.

The tool is prepared to assume a leading role in the 23J elections by guaranteeing transparent, precise, and immediate electoral information. Media outlets can trust the BeatVote team to provide them with the tools and support they need to cover the event efficiently and effectively, with data collection, presentation, data analysis and visualization.

What does BeatVote offer to make it so attractive for the media?

Next, we'll explore how BeatVote will become the media's indispensable support on election night, freeing them from technical worries and allowing them to focus on their journalism and delivering accurate and relevant information to their audience.

Graphics Package: BeatVote offers media a package of graphics that allows them to present election data effectively. This package consists of widgets and pages that are easy to integrate into media websites, which eliminates the need to worry about infrastructure and design.

Front page widgets are components that are inserted into the headers of media websites. These widgets adapt to the appearance of the page and allow users to see the progress of the electoral count in real-time when entering the main page of the communication medium.

The BeatVote Front Page Widget offers a number of features designed to provide a complete and detailed experience during elections. Some of these features include:

Summary view filter: The widget allows users to filter between the different municipal or the autonomous communities’ elections to present the main data for each one.

Deputies and councillors graph: Visually presents the distribution of deputies and councillors in an intuitive and functional graphic format, which makes it easy to quickly understand the electoral results.

Links on the maps that go to the results pages: The interactive maps in the widget include links that allow users to access detailed views of each municipality or region, providing more specific and complete information on the electoral results.

Search engine: The widget has an integrated search engine that allows users to directly access the results for a given locality or autonomous community.

Pact calculator: This tool offers users the possibility of exploring different pact scenarios and political coalitions based on the absolute majority and the number of deputies.

On the other hand, the results pages offer more detailed and broken-down information. The users can access specific data that is filtered by community, province, municipality, or district. In addition, these pages show comparisons between the current electoral process and the previous one. Within these pages, the user can find the following:

Breadcrumb navigation: Through breadcrumb navigation, users can explore election results in a hierarchical manner, from the autonomous community to the districts. This intuitive navigation system allows an agile and precise search of the specific electoral data of each location.

Deputies and councilors graph: The results pages include graphs that visualize the distribution of deputies and councilors in a clear and understandable format.

Comparison with previous elections: The results pages provide a comparison with the results of previous years of some data of interest such as the percentage of participation and the number of deputies and votes by party, which allows historical analysis and observation of electoral trends.

Pact Calculator: Similar to the front page widget, users can use the functional pactometer built into the results pages.

Links to other detail pages: at the end of the page, the user will be able to find different links that take them to other pages of related provinces, municipalities, and districts.

It is important to note that both widgets and results pages are integrated into media websites while maintaining the visual appearance of each particular media. Once the electoral process is finished, all the results pages are consolidated and delivered to the client.

Polling Data Intake To obtain real-time data on the voter count, BeatVote extracts the information from official sources and converts it into a readable format. This data is stored in the BeatVote database and presented graphically for viewing.

Support and Monitoring during election night During election night, we take care of tracking and monitoring the operation of the platform to ensure optimal performance without interruptions, freeing the media from potential concerns during this crucial period. In addition to technical monitoring, we maintain a team that provides immediate response technical support to the media during election night.

In addition to technical monitoring, we have a support team available to answer any questions immediately the media outlets may have during election night. The support team is available to attend to any questions or incidents that outlets can have in relation to the integration of the widgets, the presentation of the data, or any other aspect related to BeatVote.

According to Rosa Suárez, Project Manager of BeatVote at SNGULAR, “BeatVote has proven to be a turnkey product that really takes a lot of worry away from the media on election night. We are proud to be able to offer them a comprehensive solution that allows them to forget about technical stresses and challenges.”

BeatVote offers two contracting options for its service:

  • Complete product: This option includes the complete graphics package consisting of widgets and results pages. In this case, the front page widgets and the results pages are integrated directly into the web of the communication sites, maintaining the visual appearance of each medium. Media outlets don't have to worry about infrastructure or design as BeatVote takes care of the entire integration process. With this option, clients get a ready-to-use solution to effectively present election data to their users.

  • API BeatVote Ingest: In this modality, BeatVote provides the client with an API that allows the ingestion of official data directly into their own infrastructure and applications. The client can access the electoral data in real-time through the API and use it to present it in the way they want on their platform. This provides greater flexibility for the client, as they can tailor the presentation of the data to their specific needs and design styles.

Lead the election narrative and leave worries behind during one of the most critical nights of the year

If you are a media outlet and want to provide your visitors with electoral information in real-time and free yourself from worries during election season, BeatVote can be your greatest ally.

On this website, you will find detailed information about our product and how it can completely transform your electoral coverage. Whether you want to integrate widgets and results pages into your website for an unparalleled user experience, or you prefer to use our BeatVote Ingest API to customize the presentation of the data on your own platform, we have the perfect solution for you.

Want to see how BeatVote works? Request a demo of the product today. Our team of experts is ready to show you all the capabilities of BeatVote and answer all your questions.

Contact us and find out how BeatVote can provide your visitors with all the electoral information they need in real-time!

Eva Rodríguez Vidal, Marketing Manager at SNGULAR

Eva Rodríguez Vidal

Marketing Manager at SNGULAR

With a strong foundation in marketing and an innovation-oriented mindset, I specialize in creating content that enables companies to understand and adopt new technologies and digital solutions, aiming to enhance their productivity, efficiency, and achieve their business goals.

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