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The leading bank in mobile POS payment strategy

Today, mobile payment is the standard for both online and offline purchases. Our client achieved a milestone with the launch of the Mobile POS Payment Terminal, transforming the shopping experience for various businesses. The application turns a smartphone into a POS terminal, providing merchants with a convenient and quick solution for mobile payments. It securely connects to Bluetooth devices for readings and prints, offering a transaction history for refunds and daily reports.

This advancement not only simplifies the shopping experience for many businesses but also enables payment management without the need for printed receipts, sending them via email. In this way, it contributes to environmental preservation by minimizing the consumption of natural resources and reducing paper waste.

Success Story

The integration of tap on phone

Recently, we have incorporated Tap on Phone into the payment application, a revolutionary system that eliminates the need for a PIN pad. This innovative method allows users to make payments easily and securely by swiping cards or devices directly on the merchant's mobile phone. After successful trials in over 300 businesses, this solution marks a significant milestone in the evolution of mobile transactions.

The implementation is straightforward; it only requires the installation of the payment app on a smartphone and access through a password to initiate the process. Additionally, the app is compatible with various forms of payment, from chip cards to contactless and NFC payments, providing users with the flexibility to choose the method that suits them best.

And what about security?

The payment application ensures maximum protection in handling financial information, supported by layers of security from integrated financial software platforms. It is essential to highlight that the merchant's phone never stores customer card data, ensuring privacy.

In the fight against fraud, our solution integrates third-party banking technology to implement advanced monitoring systems, identifying potential illicit activities and providing additional protection to users, ensuring the integrity of their mobile transactions.

Integration with Alipay and WeChat

One of the key features we developed in the payment application was the integration with QR code payments from WeChat Pay and AliPay, subsequently linked with Tap on Phone. This strategic integration with AliPay, China's leading online payment platform, and WeChat, a messaging app with payment functionalities, represents a significant step in expanding the capabilities of the application.

Connecting with AliPay and WeChat not only opens new possibilities for local users but also addresses the needs of the growing Chinese community in Spain, enhancing the shopping experience for Chinese tourists and strengthening the bank's international connection.

The significant impact of mobile payment POS

The remarkable adoption of the application, with over 20,000 users in the last month and an astonishing rate of 600 new users per minute, underscores its massive acceptance, highlighting a significant shift in user preference toward this solution. This pronounced trend is rapidly transforming the landscape of mobile payments, notably displacing conventional POS terminals.

The strong collaboration between SNGULAR and the leading bank not only solidifies SNGULAR as a key strategic partner but also positions it as a leader in technological innovation, laying solid foundations for future revolutions in the global financial sector.

Luis Miguel Reja

Project Manager and Mobile Development at SNGULAR

The partnership between the top-tier bank and SNGULAR has not only driven substantial technological progress but has also set the stage for future innovations in the worldwide financial sector.

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