Sngular design

The use of spaces

Can I give a public talk or organize a meetup at Sngular?

We have sHub event spaces in certain offices like Madrid and Pittsburgh, which were created to host events, whether they be internal or external. Most importantly, the event spaces were designed to bring people together and foster collaboration between those who are interested in technology and innovation. With that in mind, the event spaces can certainly be used by individual Sngulars to hold training events, panel discussions or even leisure activities like gaming tournaments.

The idea is that anytime you want to put on an event, meetup, debate, training session, or anything else, just get in touch with the Regional Managers explaining how you plan to organize the event. Let them know about dates, publicity, how you'll go about registering participants and logistics details related to anything from chairs and tables to speakers and projectors.

We publish lists of all the events we are hosting in the special sections for each country on our website. By clicking on the links, you can read about what's going on inSpain ,Mexico and theUSA .You can also find all the events and register to attend at ourEventbrite page. Some events are live-streamed and some are recorded and posted on ourYoutube channel .

"We've created a space to learn and work, a space to share experiences as a team, where ideas flow and unite with technology; a space that inspires innovation alongside the tools that will help us build a better future. This is a research and development center for all. We welcome friends, clients, collaborators and anyone willing to work with us to create a home that's built on talent. We are passionate about ideas and the excellent people who want to form part of this culture, help us be more competitive, happier and better people. Thanks for joining us."