Sngular design

The Sngular Brand

You can consult all things related to Sngular's corporate identity at this Google Drive link:SNG CORP IDENTITY

Here, you can download Sngular logos, our official font, letterheads, templates for presentations and the signature templates that you should use in your emails.

We always have to ensure that all the elements of our corporate identity are respected, and not only when it comes to external communications, but also for internal communications. We are all responsible for using the correct letterhead, fonts, brand elements, etc.

If you have any questions related to corporate identity or the Sngular brand, you can get in touch with Mark Bradley . If it's a strategic consolation, you can contact Evaristo Nogales and Enrique Acosta .

We are active on the major social networks. You can follow us at the following links:

●Official Twitter:@sngular

●Official Instagram:@sngular_team

●Official Facebook:Sngular

●Official Youtube:Sngular TV

If, for your work, you need to obtain Sngular visitor cards, keep in mind that you'll have to communicate it. To start the process, you have to fill outthe visitor card request form and follow the instructions.