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Now that you know a bit more about Sngular, we'll fill you in on what the day-to-day work life looks like, how we communicate internally, where you can find help and who you can ask when you have any questions. We'll also give you the low-down on the work tools that we use.

Welcome to Sngular life!

Internal Communication

Communication Channels

We use several different channels to keep in touch and work as a team. Mainly, we use the Google G Suite (Gmail, Hangouts/Meet, Drive, etc.), which gives us the guarantee that our work is always autosaved. It also allows us to look up old conversations.

More informally , we useSlack , where we offer a wide range ofchannels about anything from the most general company news to leisure activities. To start, we'd recommend that you check out #general, #com_interna, #com_externa, #sngular_all and the channels of each of the company's departments: #software, #ux-user_exp, #cloud_devops, etc.

Please remember that the conversations on Slack are not saved, except for in the groups where Alfred is participating, in which case the conversations will be published on his Twitter:@AlfredBySngular . We remind you that Slack is an informal medium, which means that it is not the place for petitions and tasks. If you want to engage in those conversations, you can use other tools like email or Jira.

For those people who don't have access to either Google or Slack, we use Cliq, the communication tool from the Zoho suite, that you can findhere .

Sngular-wide communication channels

We periodically send a newsletter to everyone at Sngular called "Snguland." It's a space where we talk about new projects, new hires, recent success stories, upcoming events, anniversaries, new blog posts, or anything else that affects the entire company.

The email sends out our communications. If you ever have anything interesting you'd like to share with the company like a blog post you wrote, good feedback from a client, or if there's a relevant upcoming event, feel free to contact this email address and share that information.

To talk about specific projects , we use tools likeBasecamp orJira , which help make the project visible to the team and clients while minimizing the need for email.

And last but not least, in most of our offices, we have good old-fashioned notice boards or bulletin boards in the informal spaces. We use them to get suggestions and input from everyone and reinforce our community spirit.

Where to get help


We understand that everyone needs a little bit of help sometimes. In general, we useJira to deal with the most common requests.

Systems and Communications (SSCC)

Any requests related to your computer, monitor or any other hardware, connectivity, technology failures or repairs, you should notify the Systems and Communications (SSCC) area on Jira:

Zoho People

You will useZoho People to carry out various processes related to the People and Administration departments.

Administration (ADMIN)

For administrative issues, payroll, expenses, finances, trips, purchasing office supplies or IT, you can submit your petition in the "Request" section.

People (HR)

You can request holidays in the "Leave Tracker" area.

After you've filled out all the fields and sent your holiday request, the approval process for your vacations will begin.

We recommend that you first discuss your holidays with your team and manager before submitting your request in Zoho.

If you ever notice damage or that something isn't working in your office, you can talk to the office manager. If you don't know who is in charge of your office, you can ask the People team in your country.


Alfred is our virtual employee, an assistant in the form of a chatbot, that here to help us improve our productivity by eliminating boring and repetitive tasks, and is incredibly useful. With his help, you can do a fairly wide array of tasks or simply look something up. With Alfred, you can:

  • Informal chat: you can have informal conversations with Alfred. If you want, you can tell a joke, recommend a great song and answer questions about himself.
  • Frequently asked questions: Alfred answers frequently asked questions about the company such as Sngular's vision, number of employees, location of the Pittsburgh sHub, work calendar, Wifi password, travel policy, events calendar …
  • Operative: you can also maintain dialogues to complete a specific operation such as allocating the dedications or requesting vacations.
  • Proactivity: sometimes Alfred will ask you how you are or ask questions spontaneously. You can also have Alfred send you a reminder at a specific day and time.
  • Active listening: Alfred listens to us when we speak in the Slack groups and collects the interesting links that we share in his Twitter account: @AlfredbySngular

With Alfred you can also check your vacations, ask for information about a colleague, check the local weather, check the time in any city or review our internal policies (coming soon).

If you want to talk to Alfred in English, launch the bot on Google Chat or Slack and just type "Talk to me in English" or "Hablame en inglés".


All of Snglar's internal tools can be found at the following links:

Sngular Tools :

All of the Sngular tools are accessible through Google login using your account. Those who aren't part of Sngular may have different login information. When in doubt, ask someone from Sngular Systems.

You will definitely be using all of the following tools:

Zoho People - Time Tracker : To log your hours each day. It's important to remember to always log your hours before 5 P.M. every Friday and make sure that your manager and the rest of your team do the same. In the case that someone on your team hasn't completed the hours correctly, the person in charge will get an email on Monday at 7 A.M. and the first day of each month in the case that someone is missing hours from the previous month.

Zoho People - Directory : This contains the information of all the Sngular employees – when they were hired, where they are located, contact information, etc.

ZohoPeople - Leave Tracker to request holidays: Use this tool for managing tasks within Sngular. For example, you can request your holidays in the "Leave Tracker" section.

PMTools : This is essential for project management, opening accounts, monitoring hours, controlling costs, etc.

Zoho CRM: This is the tool for business management and customer relationship management (CRM). Generally, only Business Managers have access.

Basecamp : One of the project management tools we use. All of the tasks and documents related to a project should always be registered in Basecamp.

Slack : Our informal internal communications tool. You can sign up and get access to all the available channels, whether corporate or related to themes like videogames, music, etc.

Cliq: At Sngular, we use Cliq as one of our communication channels. It's accessible when you sign in to Google with your account.