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Employee benefits

Spanish/English Lessons

Among the training initiatives, Sngular offers the possibility of taking individual Spanish/ English lessons for employees and their spouses. Sngular has reached an agreement with the company Iboux whereby, employees can take up to 50 Spanish/ English lessons via Skype with native teachers.

Each lesson is about 55 minutes. The only requirement is to take a minimum of 10 lessons and a maximum of 20 each time.

This is renewable as many times as the employee decides.

Incentives and Bonuses

Referral Bonus

The Company is always looking for great people, and everyone can help! For every candidate that you refer to and is hired by the Company, the employee will receive a bonus if the referral still remains employed by the Company 180 days after the referral's date of hire. The referrals must be submitted in writing to the People team as a precondition to receiving any amount.

Tech Talks

For each tech talk, also known as Knowledge Informational Transfer (KIT), prepared and presented to our colleagues by an exempt employee (outside office hours), the presenter will receive this benefit.


If an employee passes a certification exam following the Company's Education Policy, he/she will receive this bonus and will also be reimbursed for the exam fees following the Company's expense policy.


In support of the Company values of pursuing knowledge and lifelong learning, we encourage our employees at all levels to participate in job-related training and development activities to enhance skills, expand knowledge, and grow as professionals.

The Company, in its discretion, may provide employees this bonus per calendar year to be used for the purchase of (1) technical materials (books, online courses, etc); and (2) admission to technology events.