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The transversal roles

On top of having leaders in each region, we need people with more transversal roles who have a holistic vision of the entire company. These roles help us maintain coherence in our actions and messages at an international level. They are responsible for ensuring that the essence of our culture exists everywhere we work.

In these transversal roles you can find:

José Luis Vallejo is our Executive President and CEO. He acts on a company-level as Product Ownerand looks after the interests of our team, our clients, and our collaborators. Under his leadership, Sngular has gone from being a customized software development company in Spain to a multi-faceted international organization that offers a wide variety of technological solutions. True to his interdisciplinary experience and the company's commitment to collaboration, José Luis likes to refer to Sngular "not as a company, but as an innovation ecosystem." If you want to learn more about his professional experience, you can check out his profile on our website.

Ignacio García is our Corporate Managing Director. Alongside the CEO, he defines Sngular's investment and financial strategy to maximize the company's value. As a member of the executive committee, he also helps design Sngular's global strategy. He closely monitors the fulfillment of short- and long-term objectives and recommends improvements to the company's operations and organization. If you want to learn more about his professional trajectory , read more about him here.

Evaristo Nogales is our Chief Strategy Officer. He's in charge of leading the various initiatives that bring value to Sngular's strategic position. He analyzes what new technologies and business and organizational models will help the company to continue growing and innovating, while always keeping our culture at the heart of everything we do. If you want more details about his professional experience, read his full profile online.

Borja Roig is Head of Cross-Border Business. Borja's role is to leverage Sngular's highly skilled technical talent across geographies to build onshore, nearshore, and offshore development teams. Sngular follows an Agile approach to managing distributed teams and provides its clients with better pricing, project scalability, and faster turnaround times. If you're interested in learning more about his role and professional path, you can read more about him here .

Sofía Padrón is our Director of Communications. She's responsible for positioning Sngular in a way that it can attract talent and clients. She heads an international team and coordinates the company's internal and external communications. On top of that, she leads campaigns on digital channels to attract new talent and boost staff engagement. If you want to learn more about her trajectory, you can visit her profile here.