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Sngular Dictionary

Over the years, we’ve coined some of our own terms to help us describe what we do. Here is a list of our own particular lingo.


| AC | Account | | DBU | Delivery Business Unit | | — | — | — | — | — | | BC | Business Case | DKC | Digital Key Capability | | BM | Business Manager | DCKC | DKC Director | | CCO | Chief Communication Officer | GexTeam | Executive Board | | CDO | Chief Digital Officer | IBU | Income Business Unit | | CEO | Chief Executive officer | KIT | Knowledge Interchange Track | | CXO | Chief eXpansion Officer | LOB | Line of Business | | CFO | Chief Financial Officer | MKD | Marketing Director | | CHO | Chief Happiness Officer | PM | Project Manager | | CInO | Chief Innovation Officer | PMO | Project Manager Officer | | CIO | Chief Information Officer | PO | Product Owner | | CM | Country Manager | PR | Project | | CMD | Corporate Managing Director | RMD | Regional Managing Director | | CMO | Chief Marketing Officer | TD | Technical Director | | COO | Chief Operations Officer | TEAM | BU Team specialized within a DKC | | CPO | Chief People Officer | TL | Team Leader | | CRO | Chief Revenue Officer | TM | Technical Manager | | CTO | Chief Technology Officer | | TBM | Technical Business Manager | | SURF | Regional Managers | | Tech Talk | Knowledge Interchange Track |


The Sngular USA Monthly All-Hands meeting is a monthly 15-minute virtual meeting that everyone from the USA team is invited to attend. The point of it is to share what's happened over the last month – things like new projects, new staff members, new sales leads, updates to our policies, or any other relevant information. It's informal and in the style of a news program. Every month, it's held in a different location, giving Sngular teams across the country the opportunity to have their chance in the limelight.

Business Manager (BM)

This is what we call people who are in charge of connecting with particular clients, listening to them, and making sure they are satisfied with us. Each client has a BM, but a BM can also be responsible for several clients. BMs are not Project Managers, Product Owners, or Scrum Masters, and although they don't directly participate in the projects, they stay on top of our daily work for the client and ensure whatever we do is in line with expectations. At the same time, BMs help look after the Sngular team, especially when working directly out of the client's offices.

Tech Talks

If you have something you think is relevant to your colleagues and want to talk about it, this is your place. Technology, work sessions, presentations… any format is valid if you can bring value to the team. Our tradition is to follow-up the tech talks with pizza and a little bit of networking amongst the team.

Red Mushrooms, Green Mushrooms

We've borrowed these terms from the beloved Super Mario Bros game. We are growing and sometimes that happens because we bring external companies into Sngular. If this external company can make us bigger because we are adding more people with skills that we already have, it's called a red mushroom. If this other company comes with professionals that have new skills that we don't yet have at Sngular, it's a green mushroom.


The Chief Technology Officers are the highest-level technological expert in each country in which we are present. They have transversal knowledge of all the various technological areas, the ability to solve complex problems, and can assess the team on the technology and architecture it should use. They also support the Business Managers in terms of pre-sales technical solutions. At the same time, they are important participants in the first phases of any strategic project because they lay down the technical bases at the beginning.

Principal Engineer

This describes our technical experts with very high-level knowledge. Usually, they report to the CTO. Principal Engineers can perform some of the functions of the CTO if they are specialized in the area in question and have architect expertise.

Subject Matter Expert

This is a person with high-level knowledge and a lot of experience in any of Sngular's specific areas. A subject matter expert does not only execute tasks to the highest standard but also assists in pre-sales and evaluating new business opportunities.

Digital Key Capabilities (DKCs)

Here at Sngular, we’ve defined the concept of Digital Key Capability (DKC). It refers to our key skills or capabilities, which we believe can be used to help our clients gain competitive advantages in their market. These capabilities are built around different technologies and the diverse skills of our team members.

Our current DKCs are represented in the image below:

The DKCs are divided into four areas:

  1. Tech Competencies : This refers to the group of DKCs that encompass our digital skills. This area includes Blockchain, Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Cloud & DevOps, Internet of Things, Data Science, User Experience, Software Development, VR & New Interfaces, and Artificial Intelligence.
  2. Agile Methodologies : This is the area related to the application of agile methodologies in various types of projects. Here you will find the Agile Transformation, Agile Connected Teams, Service Design, and Labs.
  3. Business Transformation : This team focuses on transforming businesses through innovation. It encompasses the Digital Strategy, Innovation as a Service, Observatories, and Open Innovation DKCs.
  4. Ventures : The Ventures team focuses on creating alliances between different companies to help Sngular to grow its team and diversify its services. The DKCs in this group include Venture Investment and Venture Building.

To elaborate a bit further, here are descriptions of some of the DKCs that are currently within our Tech Competencies :

  • Digital Strategy. We define our digital strategies by looking at our clients' businesses and objectives. From there, we determine the best strategies and how to bring them to fruition, always using technology.
  • Artificial Intelligence. From simple bots to virtual assistants, we build AI solutions on platforms like IBM Watson, Google Dialogflow, and Microsoft LUIS.
  • Agile Transformation. To help our clients create a corporate culture of excellence and sharing, one that attracts the best talent and carries out projects successfully, we implement agile values like adaptation, transparency, shared priorities, monitoring, self-management and putting people above processes.
  • Digital Marketing. We create an online brand and presence for our clients, products, and services and launch those initiatives into the market where we ensure relevance, a critical mass of users, and a good conversion rate.
  • Advanced Interfaces. Through immersive experiences like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), or extended reality (XR), we create new forms of relationships between a brand and its audience.
  • eCommerce. We launch online business models, applying the virtuous circle theory of targeted traffic, product experience, conversion, delivery, and customer service.
  • User eXperience. Conceptualizing a digital product or service centered on the experience of an individual user. We define interaction patterns and enhance the experience through modern, intuitive, and practical visual design.
  • Internet of Things. We leverage the integrative capacity of connected devices in order to automate tasks, monitor use, and increase efficiency.
  • Data Science. We observe trends, predict behavior, and extract business value by creating algorithms that process and analyze massive amounts of data.
  • Software Development. Our front/back/mobile/integration development teamcan construct whatever software solution is relevant to us or our clients. We design custom software solutions in JAVA, .NET, and mobileand integrate systems with microservices architecture.
  • Agile Connected Teams. Our model of connected agile development allows us to combine remote teams that are coordinated by people working directly with our clients. We have eight Agile Centers of Excellence in three countries.
  • Cloud & DevOps. We apply the practices and principles of DevOps, Continuous Integration (CI), test automation and Continuous Deployment (CD) to ensure the effective delivery of our solutions. We design and assemble elastic architecture in Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and other clouds.
  • Service Design. Improving the way people relate to the world. We gain an understanding of people's worries and complexities to create shared value for both organizations and users.
  • Blockchain. We help companies leverage the full potential of Blockchain technology by developing decentralized applications and Smart Contracts, designing tokens for a decentralized economy, and the tokenization of shares. We also implement private and consortium blockchain networks.
  • Innovation as a Service. We innovate to discover new and better ways of interacting with clients and consumers. We understand and define the impact that new technologies will have on our clients' businesses.
  • Open Innovation. We help businesses and entrepreneurs work collaboratively via innovative activities. At Sngular, we're convinced that there is a huge opportunity to leverage collaboration between entrepreneurs and companies in a way that can benefit them both. That's why we carry out innovation actions that allow these two actors to work together and develop new business models. Our extensive experience in the startup ecosystem combined with our experience with big companies allows us to invigorate the process and help find new opportunities to develop innovative strategies