Sngular + Pactflow: Reducing the cost of testing in app modernization.

Sngular + Pactflow: Reducing the cost of testing in app modernization.

22 de junio de 2024

Quality Assurance is a critical part of any deployment, but manual testing can become a costly endeavor. What if we could change the way these tests are conducted to reduce their cost?

Recently, Sngular has supported a large US-based bank in transforming their testing strategy for an application modernization initiative, to reduce the reliance on long and expensive manual end-to-end tests with contract testing. In this case study, you will discover how the improvement of these processes and the inclusion of tools such as Pactflow, have generated benefits like early detection of errors, reduction of development costs, and minimization of service outages.

But what is contract testing?

Contract testing is a methodology for ensuring that two separate systems (such as two microservices) are compatible and can communicate with one other. Contract testing goes beyond schema testing, requiring both parties to come to a consensus on the allowed set of interactions and allowing for evolution over time.

What sets this form of testing apart from other approaches that aim to achieve the same thing, is that each system can be tested independently from the other and that the contract is generated by the code itself, meaning the contract is always kept up to date with reality.

You can learn more about contract testing on Pactflow’s blog.

Francisco Moreno Sanz, Director of QA at Sngular, along with Matt Fellows, Co-Founder of Pactflow, shared how a recent partnership enabled the delivery of a 70% reduction in manual testing costs for a major US-based mortgage lender. If you missed the event on March 24th and you are an Engineer, QAs, Tester; Head of Architecture, Engineering or Quality or working in banking & financial services organizations and want to learn more about the benefits of contract testing, you should watch this video.

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