Today’s challenges

  • Digitizing account origination

    Creating online bank accounts should be effortless. But some banks make it difficult by just digitizing paper applications, which misses the point of digitization. Banks need a seamless mobile-first sign-up process that puts usability first. This is the approach that will meet the expectations of modern customers.

  • Migrating to microservices

    Microservices enable banks to perform rapid updates to their IT infrastructure without system downtime that disrupts customer experience. They also enable banks to make fast moves on market demands and stay competitive. A tricky evolution for traditional financial institutions, but one which offers huge rewards.

  • Moving to Banking as a Service

    Tech-savvy legacy banks are seizing the gains of Banking as a Service. By adopting this model, they enable fintech start-ups to fast-track growth using their core services. This turns competitors into customers, generates a whole new revenue stream, and ignites innovation in the banking sector.

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