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Celia Domínguez

Software Architect
"Embark on something so different might be a little bit challenging, but the experience is exciting and amazing to overcome your fears, to break down cultural barriers, and to discover what you are capable of."

Adam Richman

Backend Developer
“What I enjoy most about Sngular is the flat and collaborative culture. Everyone has the ability to play big roles and grow with the company.”

Luis Sedano

Scrum Master
“People make Sngular what it is: a big, supportive family that helps you following your dreams around the world.”

Our culture: it can be done

Working in a rapidly evolving industry, we believe that everything about our growing company will likely change in the next 10 years. Everything, that is, except our culture, which defines who we are.
Our motto, "It Can Be Done", reflects our belief that the combination of the right talent, technology, and teamwork is the formula for achieving the seemingly impossible...

Our values

Being Sngular means always seeking excellence, both professionally and personally.

As Sngular team members, we prioritize:

Valuing humility and selflessness. If at Sngular's headquarters, if you find someone working under a desk making repairs, it could very well be our Executive President.

Encouraging open dialogue. As people with vastly different skill sets and backgrounds, we often develop diverse ideas on how best to approach any given challenge - a process we believe leads to the best solutions for our clients.

People and creativity over processes and hierarchies. We embrace working with others, both internally and with our clients.

Having an insatiable hunger to learn, a commitment to the highest technical expertise, and never settling for "good enough".

Empowering people. At Sngular, as your seniority increases, so does your responsibility to support others and champion their growth.

Always delivering. We finish what we start, even if we encounter unexpected hurdles along the way. We figure things out and don't make excuses.

Nurturing relationships and avoiding control. We don't subject our clients to any type of forced, vendor lock-in, nor are our employees burdened with restrictive contract clauses.

Being fearless about change. If a client needs our team in a remote location, or requires that we invest in new technology or set up a new business model, we do it.

Embracing positivity, collegiality, open discourse, and generosity.

Our bootcamps

Jumpstart your career

Our exclusive bootcamps are designed to help those with little coding proficiency or those who need a technology “update” learn new skills and jumpstart their software development career. They are also very popular among staff members looking to expand their knowledge of new technologies or reinvent themselves, pursuing a different career path. Our bootcamps:

  • Are designed specifically for people who want to experience an intensive training program in our Spain and Mexico locations
  • Last 3-4-months and consist of an initial 2-week session on technology basics, followed by a 10-week deep dive into your chosen technology track
  • Offer backend, frontend and mobile development, quality assurance, Agile methodology, and DevOps as alternative tracks

Our areas of expertise