Michael Lin

Head of Sngular Ventures

Michael Lin is currently heading Sngular Ventures, leading the firm’s investments in early-stage companies and venture building efforts with corporates. Previously, he brought his team of engineers and product manager to Sngular and established our Barcelona office.

Michael has been a serial startup founder and executive. He’s Co-founder & Chairman at Knowledge Media, an educational content company focusing on compact audio format. Moreover, he was the CEO of Fotolog, one of the largest social networking companies with 34M+ users. Prior to that, he served as the COO at Klikin, a SaaS solution for brick-and-mortar businesses which was sold to Repsol. Before moving to Europe, Michael was responsible for marketing at Bitzer Mobile, an enterprise security software company that was acquired by Oracle. Besides being an entrepreneur, Michael also invests in startups personally and involves in funds as Venture Partner.

Michael was born in China, educated in the US and UK and currently based in Barcelona, Spain. He holds a Bachelor with Honors in Sociology from Brown University and also spent a year at University of Oxford as a visiting student. Despite living on this side of the Atlantic, he keeps a deep connection with his alma mater by serving as the President for the Brown Alumni Club of Spain.


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