David Álvarez

UX Director

David, UX Director, is responsible for the area of ​​user experience. David joined Sngular in 2019 after having founded the Realized design studio in 2016.

David has more than 20 years of experience in the design and development of digital products. He has worked for enterprises such as Terra, Idealista, Usolab, 20minutes and Diximedia. As a consultant, he has made projects for brands such as BBVA, Autocasión, SEUR, Santillana, Axel Springer, Onda Cero, Sportyou, AXA and Air Europa. He has taught Introduction to UX in several companies and design schools such as Findasense, Meetic, The Valley, Santillana, Escuela SUR and La Nave Nodriza.

David is based in Madrid, Spain. Truly passionate about simple and functional designs but with details that convey emotions, David defends the value that design gives to any experience where people and machines are involved, but always with a business objective behind it.