Daniel González

Head of Operations for US

Daniel, Sngular’s U.S. Head of Operations, oversees some of the company’s key areas including talent acquisition, People (Human Resources Administration and Employee Engagement), and financial control. Daniel is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

Daniel joined Sngular in 2007 as a Java developer and went on to become an iOS developer and head Sngular’s mobile development across the various regions. He is best known for pioneering some of Sngular’s most important new departments and offices. When Sngular opened its first office in Mexico City, Daniel was the first employee to relocate, leading the company’s first online banking project with a global bank. He then moved to the U.S. where he has led important digital transformation projects for leading banks in four different cities, including Birmingham, Alabama, Portland, Oregon, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Boston, Massachusetts.

Daniel is originally from the Asturias region in Spain. He earned both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in IT and computer engineering from Spain’s Universidad Pontificia in Salamanca. 


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