Antonio Matías Gil

Head of Salesforce

Antonio Matías Gil is the global head of the Salesforce team at Sngular.

In 1997, Antonio founded Dom Digital, an Internet services company, a member of the COTEC - association of the most innovative companies.

In 2003 Antonio focused on Salesforce, creating one of the first European partners in this technology. His company implemented hundreds of Salesforce projects in Europe, Africa and South America.

In 2018, after exiting Dom Digital, he embraced ambitious international projects such as leading Salesforce in Sngular.

Antonio was an advisor to the Portuguese government for the Information Society (1996), coordinated the evaluation of the Portuguese Public Administration websites (2006) and was an advisor to the Portuguese government for Blockchain (2018).

Antonio was born in Guarda, Portugal and now he lives in Madrid.


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