Amaya Lasa Cid

Director of Administration for Spain

Amaya, Sngular’s Director of Administration for Spain, oversees and coordinates all supportive services and administrative teams. She facilitates communication between Sngular’s staff, clients, partners, and vendors, acting as a central point of contact.

Amaya, who joined Sngular over 10 years ago, has successfully evolved both the Administration and Human Resources teams, adapting them to the demands of the company’s rapid growth and expansion. Perhaps most importantly, Amaya has been a key contributor to building Sngular’s unique team and culture.

Her multifaceted interests, along with her natural curiosity and determination, drove her to develop a successful career building on a range of roles and industries. Prior to joining Sngular, Amaya worked at Spain’s medicine control authority (Agencia Española del Medicamento), where she was responsible for establishing core policies regulating human medicinal products.

Amaya studied business administration and earned a master’s degree in accounting and management from the EAE Business School in Madrid. She continues to receive training in team and time management.


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