Who we are

A history of innovative solutions

Founded in Madrid, Spain, more than 20 years ago as a developer of custom software solutions for some of the leading financial institutions in Europe, today, we have over 600 professionals working throughout the United States, Spain and Mexico—with other international offices poised to soon open.

We provide a wide range of end-to-end technology solutions for companies in industries as diverse as health, energy, retail, and telecommunications. Despite our strong growth, we have not forgotten our roots as a startup and that, in the ever-changing world of technology services, innovation and nimbleness are the keys to our (and our clients’) success.

Meet the team

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In the last 20 years, Sngular has developed successful partnerships following a “technology agnostic” approach to ensure that every solution responds to the client’s specific requirements. We:

  • Have worked with hundreds of clients on over 1,000 large scale projects.
  • Are a trusted technology provider of leading global companies in financial services, insurance, hospitality, retail, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, health, consumer goods, media, energy, and government
  • Partner with industry leaders in technology, infrastructure, entertainment, and telecommunications to ensure the highest level of quality
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A Thriving Hub of Evolving Solutions.

In a disruptive world, there is no greater strength than the ability to learn and change fast.

José Luis Vallejo,

Executive President and Founder

According to our founder's vision, all organizations should aspire to be as nimble, flexible, and open to change as are the world's most successful software companies. The simpler the organizational model, the more quickly a company can adapt to ever shorter innovation and transformation cycles.

Our goal is to create conditions that encourage experimentation from within so that we can help our clients quickly learn, transform, and leverage their greatest strengths.

To foster innovation, Sngular relies principally on 3 teams:



provides thought leadership on new industry-changing technologies, trends, and business models.



develops and invests in startups, new products, and initiatives.



develops and nurtures new frameworks, projects, products, and talent (bootcamps).


Connectivity that Empowers

We're very passionate about investing in and nurturing the local tech ecosystem in the communities where we operate. We:

  • Partner with universities and tech organization.
  • Support initiatives that develop local tech talent, including hackathons, meetups, training sessions, and bootcamps.
  • Share co-working spaces with tech startups in some cities so that we can tap into the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Oracle4Girls (O4G)

Sngular has partnered with Oracle in Spain to support the Oracle4Girls initiative which encourages girls, ages 4-16 years, to pursue careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). The workshops are highly interactive and feature many of Sngular’s recent product launches, like the CoolPaintrVR game for Playstation using VR technology. We’re committed to investing in and developing local tech talent in the communities where we operate, and hope to contribute to growing the number of female engineers in the IT industry.