VR & New Interfaces

We create immersive experiences that enhance customer engagement.

Challenge – Can VR Really Make a Difference?

Although companies are starting to consider Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Extended Reality (XR) technologies, they frequently lack clarity as to how these can be leveraged into powerful sales tools. They are often unsure about the extent to which a pair of VR glasses or a mobile device, for example, can attract potential customers and deliver a higher dimension of engagement.

Solution – Impactful and Practical Business Applications

Cognizant that immersive technologies add a rich new layer of information on the real world across a wide range of industries, Sngular’s focus has been on their business environment application. We are adept at considering, for each technology, its business, education, and entertainment benefits, as well as its ROI and potential role as a business game changer. We use:

  • Extended Reality (XR) to address significant business pain points, eliminating the limiting factor of distance. Applications include workforce training, increasing day-to-day productivity, and creating immersive customer experiences.
  • V-commerce solutions in real estate to recreate buildings and condominiums. VR creates a virtual representation of the property, while AR adds an additional level of interactivity to the virtual environment. VR and AR solutions provide visual representation of multiple construction projects located in different geographical locations.
  • Video game and gamification platforms to engage employees, giving them a visual depiction of their targets, benchmarks, and achievements – like a fitness tracker for work. We use rich learning options including narratives, engagement automation and more, both in in-person and mobile-based learning environments.

Specific Capabilities

VR Ecosystem

We create immersive experiences that closely mimic the environments they’re intended to depict using high-resolution displays and advanced sensors, such as low cost vision, biometric sensors, and haptic devices. We also incorporate neuromarketing and mass spectrometry formulas to our projects.

VR Applications

Our team creates customized and interactive mobile apps to enable user interaction anywhere, anytime.


Through virtual tours of retail outlets, we can bring consumers into brick-and-mortar establishments without them leaving their homes.

VR Branding

We bring your brand to life, creating layers of visual information to provide a wide range of interactive experiences. These include 3D product catalogues, virtual dressing rooms, and extended advertising.

Virtual Tours

Our team designs interactive virtual tours that use hyper-realistic 3D product renderings, holograms, 360º videos, and photography.

Virtual Reconstruction

Using 3D to visualize the shape and appearance of design objects, we can bring anything from vehicles to buildings to model homes – even historic sites, such as old Roman ruins – to life.

VR Education

Using VR as a teaching tool, we develop educational projects.

Going Virtual With Training

A multinational energy management corporation wished to move its sales force training from on-site installations to a virtual environment. Sngular:

  • Developed a high-performance, proprietary VR graphic engine enabling a desktop training application for Oculus Rift
  • Created real time simulation of physical devices: a new paradigm where real and virtual environments can coexist
  • Saved the company time and money by eliminating the need for on-site training, while providing an exceptional user experience