Software Development

We develop scalable, innovative and API-first custom software for our clients.

Challenge – Meeting Customer Demands

In today’s digitally connected world, companies are facing two key challenges: scalability and device-agnostic software development. Scalability particularly matters to growing companies as they take on more customers, data, and resources. Their customers are demanding enhanced experiences and products which work across multiple platforms and devices, creating the need to develop device agnostic software while streamlining development.

Solution – Expert Teams

More than 20 years ago, Sngular began developing custom software solutions for some of Europe’s leading financial institutions. We:

  • Now offer software development for myriad company types across several industries
  • Are experienced at all stages of software development, leveraging a full-stack approach
  • Help clients efficiently deploy scalable, high-quality, API-first solutions
  • Are experts in Technical Business Analysis, UX, Front-end, Back-end, Mobile, QA, and Cloud/DevOps
  • Follow Agile methodologies to optimize the process and time to market

Specific Capabilities

Web and Mobile Development

We have extensive experience designing and building award-winning online and mobile channels that enhance cross-channel customer experiences. Providing end-to-end support, from the UX/UI definition to deployment, we effect seamless transitions from legacy platforms.

Microservices Architectures

We design and deploy robust and scalable microservices architectures, deployable to any container orchestration platform, speeding app development and improving its quality. For clients in highly competitive industries, this enables the rapid delivery of technology, without having to implement monolithic code changes.

API Governance

We help businesses migrate to an API-centric approach, efficiently and quickly creating experiences and products which work across many devices.

Quality Assurance

We ensure quality solutions at each stage of development, integrating fully automated tests and using open source technologies. From the parts to the whole, everything is tested and retested to guarantee that they are meeting all objectives.

Agile Approach

Our teams work in Agile development, bringing testing specialists into the development teams to provide value with an iterative and sustainable approach that adapts to the lifecycle of the applications.

Solving for a Top 10
US Bank

When a leading financial institution needed to reinvent its account origination process, they turned to us. Sngular:

  • Developed and deployed a new and scalable account origination platform
  • Provided the foundation for new product and service enhancements and business capabilities