Salesforce Partner

Sngular’s partnership with Salesforce translates to a competitive edge for companies looking to grow.

Challenge –Increase Sales, Reach More Clients and Improve Overall Services

In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, it’s clear that the main goal of businesses is to sell more and sell better. To achieve this goal, excellent communication and customer service are key. Once those two qualities are in place, companies are able to capture new clients and convert them into some of the best ambassadors a business could ask for.

Solution – Combine the Salesforce Platform with Sngular’s Expertise

At Sngular, we have a deep understanding of technology and how it impacts organizations – it’s our business. We examine each technological development closely, as we’re always on the hunt for new ways to help our clients reach their goals. That’s why we’ve developed a strong relationship with Salesforce – a cloud-based software company that offers an innovative integrated customer relationship management (CRM) platform, which helps companies of all kinds get closer to current and future customers.

What makes Sngular the ideal partner for Salesforce-based projects?

  • Our technological road map is aligned with Salesforce. In other words, each time Salesforce releases a technological update, we react immediately.
  • Salesforce and Sngular are synonymous with innovation. We mix our know-how (innovation methodologies, business and technology) with the powerful Salesforce platform. As a result, our clients stay on the cutting-edge.
  • Sngular has a unique capacity to retain talent, with each team highly committed to seeing through the entire life cycle of any project.
  • Our skills in design and development allow us to take on virtually any project or technology that our clients require.
  • Our dynamic teams are Salesforce-certified. The combination of this deep expertise in Salesforce with other technological skills allows us to take our clients initiatives and turn them into reality.

Specific Capabilities

Implementation of Salesforce Projects

Our agile teams can implement and manage Salesforce projects in all their different phases: auditing, consulting, customization, development, integration, and training. Highly experienced in the entire Salesforce ecosystem, our teams are experts in the technological base (, Lightning, Heroku, Einstein, Chatter, Analytics, Blockchain), cloud-based systems, industry verticals, third-party solutions (i.e. AppExchange) and complementary platforms like AWS, GCP and Azure. 

Salesforce Consulting 

Our team is made up of professionals with extensive experience in the entire Salesforce ecosystem. This includes almost every industry vertical (finance, health, retail, media, telecommunications, energy, automotive, construction, and nonprofit), clouds (marketing, sales, service, Quip, communities, and the MuleSoft integration platform), and the development of technological solutions based on Salesforce (i.e. OTT apps, IoT connection, loyalty solutions, ticketing, payments, and field apps).

Development of Salesforce Products for AppExchange 

We are skilled and experienced in Software as a Service (SaaS) products for AppExchange in all the different stages: planning, developing, managing, distributing, selling and retaining. Our strong technical knowledge of marketing and sales ensures the success of our clients’ SaaS products.

Salesforce Talent

Our team consists of certified technicians in the diverse areas of Salesforce (Marketing, Sales, Service, and Platform) with distinct profiles (Administrators, Developers, Q&A, Project Managers, and Business Analysts). Beyond that, we have consultants who understand our client’s business business because we recognize that sometimes technology alone isn’t enough. Alongside our agile methodologies, the Sngular culture guarantees that the team is fully committed to our clients and delivering successful projects.

Innovating with Salesforce

 We incorporate Salesforce into our innovation methodologies along with the rest of our technologies including Blockchain, AI, Data Science, IoT, and more. We bring our management and business knowledge to the table so our clients can have a laboratory of innovation at Sngular that offers an opportunity to try out new technology and business models quickly and economically.

An Over-the-Top (OTT) Salesforce Case Study 

A South American cable TV company needed a sales and over-the-top (OTT) media services distribution solution to open a new line of business. A major streaming video service was used as an example of how to disrupt the media industry. The Sngular team built the solution using Salesforce:

  • Sngular integrated the video content on the Salesforce Platform using Amazon Web Services (AWS) for archive hosting and streaming. 
  • Building an application programming interface (API) using the Salesforce Platform and AWS to facilitate the development of multimedia products.
  • The content sales were carried out using Salesforce Sales Cloud with the creation of multimedia products that were personalized and on-demand.
  • Clients were retained and organized using Salesforce Service Cloud.
  • The sales and distribution of the contents were carried out with Heroku and both native and web-based applications.
  • We harnessed the native capabilities of Salesforce for a successful project. Leveraging the power of Salesforce, we provided: a comprehensive view of customers, cloud services, mobile capabilities, social, analytics, security, scalability and capacity for integration.