Quality Assurance

Making Quality a habit

Challenge – Rapid Delivery Without Compromising on Quality 

In a competitive and technologically complex landscape where time to market is an increasingly critical factor, being able to deliver value quickly, effectively and powerfully is indispensable. 

Production errors can mean the difference between success and failure. That’s why we place so much value on testing. At the same time, we know that the testing should never become a bottleneck or fall out of line with business goals.

Solution – Agile Testing and Aligned QA

We use a silo-free model of agile testing that emphasizes the technical and its synergies with the DevOps phi

Thanks to this technique, business goals are naturally aligned with the process, we reduce inefficiencies that can lead to low-quality development and we can deliver quickly and without any mistakes. 

Specific Capabilities

Agile Testing

Traditional testing doesn’t fit into agile projects. At Sngular we believe that when it comes to bugs, prevention is better than cure. That’s why our testing professionals are integrated into all our teams and seek solutions from the very beginning of any project. This way of working allows the teams to build better solutions while avoiding the pitfalls of daily errors and helps creates a culture of commitment and shared quality.

Business Value

We opt for professionals with multidisciplinary profiles who can adapt to a wide range of projects while always considering how to add as much value to businesses as possible. We aren’t fans of testing that just revolves around reporting incidents. Instead, we choose a constructive focus on software development that favors the reduction of costs and inefficiencies.

DevOps Mindset

Sngular’s QA team is passionate about technical excellence and test automation to deliver value quickly and effectively. That’s why we emphasize practices like TDD/BDD, continuous integration, process monitoring, mocking dependencies, virtualizing test environments and more.


Being on the cutting-edge of the latest testing tools and techniques allows us to adapt to virtually any kind of project or technological environment. We are experienced in testing APIs, FrontEnd, messaging queues, IoT technologies, performance and mobile, to name a few, as well as in visual and contract testing.

Consulting and Training

We are aware that the context in and around each company is unique. That’s why we collaborate to build cultures, processes and quality tools that are tailored to each client. For this type of work, we follow data-driven decision-making frameworks and goal-setting methods like objectives and key results (OKR). 

This is all complemented with training in methodologies, processes, tools and testing techniques.

Agile QA Meets HR 

Helping a global leader in human resources implement agile QA processes. 

Our multidisciplinary QA teams worked for more than five years: 

  • Defining quality processes and metrics for the entire organization
  • Automating Web and API tests
  • Developing continuous integration pipelines in cloud environments 
  • Exploratory solutions testing 
  • Multi-device mobile app testing