Internet of Things

We can make IOT work for your business.

Challenge – Data is Unutilized

Connecting everything and everyone, the Internet of Things (loT) has evolved as the technology of the future, making the world smarter and more efficient than ever before. However, many companies don’t fully understand the myriad advantages of loT and while they may be generating volumes of important data, it often remains unanalyzed and unutilized.

Solution – A Seamless Experience from Set-Up Onward

Sngular’s team of IoT experts not only helps clients realize the benefits of IoT, but also avails them with the technical expertise necessary to set up, manage, and run an IoT system. We:

  • Deliver comprehensive IoT powered services and solutions tailored to each client’s needs
  • Provide future-forward solutions, including IoT consulting, design and manufacturing of specific devices and applications, turnkey technology integrations, and data analysis and process automation
  • Implement solutions that monitor and control processes using multiprotocol communications and releasing proprietary systems through open solutions

Specific Capabilities

IoT Consulting

For companies looking to launch their first IoT project, we help them gain actionable outcomes from their data (which would otherwise remain unutilized) and build a robust plan.

IoT Device Design

We have experience developing and integrating device solutions across a wide range of industries. From concept to creation, we also develop devices for specific IoT solutions.

Smart City & Building

With a strong focus on IoT/M2M and deep understanding of wireless design and connectivity, our comprehensive suite of smart city solutions offers end-to-end services, encompassing devices, network, platform, application development, deployment, and integration.

Our Smart City vertical services include:

  • Buildings and infrastructure (Smart City Lighting, Building Energy Efficiency and Facility Management)
  • Energy Utilities and Water (Smart Metering System, Smart Distribution and Monitoring System)
  • Transportation (Smart Parking System, Vehicle Tracking System, Smart Fleet Management, Traffic Congestion analysis)
  • Governance (Citizen Portals, asset location and control)
  • Traffic congestion analysis
  • Healthcare (Remote Diagnosis and Treatment, Wearables and mHealth)

Smart Manufacturing

Our proprietary methodology, Sngular Cognitive Industry, enables industrial companies to seamlessly integrate IoT solutions and scale efficiently. Compared to other methodologies, ours has distinct advantages. We:

  • Have no vendor lock-in.
  • Follow Agile methodologies.
  • Work in the cloud or on-site, and all platforms and data belong to our client.
  • Integrate smoothly with other client partners and systems (such as SCADA and ERP).
  • Operate within one platform consolidating intelligence from every data related to productivity, process, and maintenance management.
  • Leverage a wide range of Digital Key Capabilities, all of which are integrated, including Virtual Reality and New Interfaces, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science.

Illuminating the Way for Smart Cities

Recognized by many city leaders as the first step toward the development of a smart city, Sngular is deeply experienced in intelligent street lighting, which helps:

  • Cities reduce energy costs, carbon emissions, and maintenance costs
  • Provide a framework for other such applications as public safety, traffic management, smart parking, environmental monitoring, and extended Wi-Fi and cellular communications