Digital Marketing

Through technology, we help our clients engage with customers and enhance their marketing results.

Challenge – Staying Relevant Amid Frenzied Change

Nowhere is technology transforming more rapidly than in the digital marketing space. How people interact, as well as the software and devices they use, are constantly evolving and businesses are challenged to keep up and effectively adapt the way they plan and execute their marketing activities.

Solution – The Right Methodologies, Tech, and Team

We understand how to put today’s technology to work to give our clients a distinct competitive edge in the marketplace. Living within Sngular’s unique innovation ecosystem, our Digital Marketing team:

  • Works collaboratively with experts in a wide range of technologies, including VR, IoT, AI and Big Data
  • Can design and execute end-to-end marketing plans–ranging from branding strategy to event activation–with measurable results
  • Combines creativity with technology to develop customized solutions for specific marketing challenges

Specific Capabilities

Branding Strategy & Development

We help companies define their brand direction and set key milestones, while ensuring unification and consistency across all platforms.

Conversion Rate Optimization

By making web pages more relevant through landing page optimization, we help increase the percentage of client website visitors who turn into leads.


We provide technical and user experience optimization to maximize SEO efforts and improve search engine rankings.

Email Marketing

Combining effective emails with strong landing pages, we increase overall conversion rates.

Content Creation & Marketing

We plan, create, and implement content that helps bridge the gap between traditional and digital marketing, and truly engages prospective customers.

Social Media Marketing

Breaking through the complexities of social media algorithms, we develop and deploy social media strategies that engage your target audience.

Corporate Tech Events & Team-Building

We apply technology to create memorable activations and team-building experiences that captivate attendees.

A Successful Startup Launch

To assist in Spain’s largest global telecommunications company launch of a startup accelerator initiative, Sngular:

  • Developed digital content, events, and social media strategy
  • Generated awareness of the new crowdworking spaces and services, including entrepreneurship support, mentoring, investor and partner network, and scholarships